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James Thorpe

Eric Trudgill    -    2 February 2014

James Thorpe was baptised in Comberton, Cambs in 1817 son of John Thorpe and SilvesterGray (daughter of FowkGray and Mary Thorpe), though the priest wrongly recorded him as John son of James; he died in Doddington Workhouse, Cambs in 1880. He married Eliza Buttress/Butteridge, the sister of Alfred Heron’s wife, Rebecca (whose daughter, Rhoda, was travelling with her Aunt Eliza in the 1861 census).

We know James and Eliza christened the following children: Edmund Thorpe in Comberton in 1838 son of Eliza Butteridge traveller; Ambrose Buttress in Withersfield, Sfk in 1840 illegitimate son of Eliza hawker; Eliza junior and Lucy Thorpe jointly in Foxton, Cambsin January 1849 daughters of James Thorpe and Eliza Buttress (though Eliza may have been the older daughter by a couple of years); James Thorpe junior in Pampisford, Cambs in 1851 tinker; and Emmanuel in Cowlinge, Sfk in 1856. To these we can add the following from the census: Edingale, born about 1844, who married (daughter of James hawker) Henry Coxall (son of John Hall) in Haslingfield, Cambs in 1866, and subsequently married William Harlock; Oliver, born about 1846; Joseph (apparently), born improbably between Eliza and Lucy; Providence, born about 1853; and Macey, born about 1857. I’ve found no children as yet for Emmanuel, who married an Annie about ten years his junior, or for any of his siblings as yet unfound in the birth records. But we know quite a lot about the other five.

Edmund, christened in 1838, married (Edward Thorpe 24 son of James hawker) Ann Cook (20 daughter of James plumber) in Chatteris, Cambs in 1862, witnessed by the groom’s brother, Ambrose; Ann was christened in Brandeston, Sfk in 1843 daughter of James and Ann. Both died in the Glanford Brigg Registration District in Lincs(henceforth the GB), in 1920 aged 82, and in 1922 aged 76. They had the following children: Alfred, born in Nfk in 1864, who married Edith Clapham in 1898; Holland, born in Nfk about 1866, who married William Curtis in 1900; Emmanuel, born in Cambs in 1869, who married Angelina (Fanny) Mackenzie in Cambridge Register Office in 1890; Edmund, christened in Winterton, Lincs in 1872 (Edmund senior’s first recorded appearance in the GB that became his heartland), who married Gertrude Cranmer in the GB in 1897; Harry, born about 1874, who married Catherine Whittington in 1895; Herbert, born in the GB in 1877, who died in 1882; Laura, born in the GB in 1879, who married Harry Heaton in 1907; Rhoda, born in the GB in 1882, who married Thomas Urry there in 1910; Adolphus, born in the GB in 1884, who married Florence Eastwood in 1907; Annie, born in the GB in 1887, who married Peter Arnett Johnson in 1907; and Arthur, who was christened in Glanford Brigg itself in 1889.

Ambrose, christened in 1840, married (as Ambrose Buttress) Elizabeth Draper in Leicester St Margaret in 1867, and then married Elizabeth’s sister, Leviathan Draper (christened in Stevenage, Herts in 1852 daughter of Joseph and Ann), who had married John Welch in1868. Ambrose and Leviathan died in what had become their heartland, the Holbeach RD in Lincs (henceforth the H), in 1919 aged 81, and in 1916 aged 64. They had the following children: Lementina, born in Yorks in 1871 and christened in Haslingfield, Cambs a year late, in 1872; Mackenzie, born in the Royston RD in 1872, who married Lizzie Caley; Laila/Delilah, born in Yorks in 1874 and christened in Haslingfield in 1877, who married George Guymerin 1891; Lurina, born in Yorks about 1876, who married Charles Biggadike in the H in 1907; Adolphus, born in Yorks in1878 and christened in Haslingfield in 1880, who married Alice Liney in the H in 1902; Mabel, christened, having been born in Bedford Gaol, in Haslingfield in 1880 with Adolphus; Mark, born in the St Ives RD in 1882; Bendigo, born in the Downham RD in 1884, who married Emily Vickers in the H in 1907; Esau, born in Hunts about 1886; Otey, born in Wisbech, Cambs in 1889, who married Cinderella Loveridge in the H in 1908; Emperor, born in the H in 1894; and Elias, born in the H in 1898, who married Frances Perkins there in 1922.

Eliza, christened in 1849, married (18 daughter of James) Mark Wilson (horsedealer son of William) in Eriswell, Sfk in 1867, witnessed by William and SilvesterGray. Mark and Eliza died in what had become their family’s heartland, the Bury St Edmunds RD in Sfk, in 1923 aged 79, and in 1924 aged 74. They had the following children: Ada Wilson, christened in Eriswell in 1868; Otey, born in Cambs about 1870; Councaletti Wilson, christened in Newmarket, Sfk in 1872, who married Bazzy Taylor (son of John Taylor and Sophia Harris) in BSESt John in 1904; William, born in Nfk about 1875; Friday, born in Cambs about 1877, who married Sophia Stevens in BSESt John in 1904; Hiram Wilson, born in the Norwich RD in 1879, who married Famie/Euphemia Harris (daughter of John Harris and Abigail Gray) in BSE St John in 1906; Robert, seemingly Hiram’s twin but not birth-registered, who married Prudence Harris in BSESt John in 1909; Beatrice Wilson, christened in Walpole, Nfk in 1880, who married Algar Taylor (son of John Taylor and Sophia Harris) in BSESt John in 1902; Mackenzie, born in Nfk about 1883, who married Elvy Spencer in BSE St John in 1911; Sinfi, born in Sfk about 1885, who married William James Dutton in the BSE in 1909; and Lazarus, born in Nfk about 1887.

Lucy, christened in 1849 with Eliza and calling herself Holland at her wedding and in three censuses, married Edward Frankland (born in the Wangford RD in 1851) in the Walsingham RD in 1875. They had the following children: Sylvester, born in Sfk about 1876, who married Henry Johnson; Ada, born in Nfk about 1878, who married Albert Waterton; Eliza, born in Sfk about 1879; Mark Edward Frankland, born in the Depwade RD in 1881; Walter Robert Frankland, born in the Downham RD in 1883; and Matilda, born in the Wisbech RD in 1885.

Finally, James, christened in 1851, married Elizabeth Sly, born in Kings Lynn, Nfk about 1853. They had the following children: James junior, born in Cambs about 1873, who seems to have married a Sarah and christened a Sinfy in Cambridge St Andrew, Cambs in 1912; Eliza, born in Yorks about 1875; Sylvester, born in Yorks about 1877, who (21) married John Harris (son of John Harris and Abigail Gray) in Lynn St Nicholas, Nfk in 1898; Mark, born about 1878, who married Elizabeth Betts; Edmund, born in the Huddersfield RD in 1880, who married Rosie Gumble in Cambridge St Andrew in 1907, and christened a Lementinathere in 1918; Harriet aka Sinfy, born about 1883; Lementina, born in Hunts about 1885; Cinderella, born in Staffs about 1888; and John, born in Lincs about 1894, who married Phoebe Gumble in Cambridge St Andrew in 1919.

I look forward one day to understanding a bit better the family connections I’ve glanced at here between the Thorpes, Grays and Harrises.

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