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Thomas Williams

Eric Trudgill    -    2 March 2014

Thomas Williams was born probably in Oxfordshire or Berkshire about 1807, brother of the James who married Sarah Jones in Bucklebury, Berks in 1823, and probably grandson of John and Sarah Williams. In Tilehurst, Berks in 1824 Thomas married another Gypsy, Sophia Hazard, christened in Wantage, Berks in 1802 daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth.

Thomas and Sophia had the following children: John Williams, christened in Rotherfield Greys, Oxf in 1825 (a destroyer of vermin of no fixed abode); Marianne Williams, christened in Bucklebury in 1828 jointly with her cousin, James Williams son of James and Sarah; Emma Williams, christened in Stokenchurch, Oxf in 1829 (pedlar); Sophia Williams, christened in Sunningwell, Berks in 1831 (licensed hawker of Tilehurst); Job Williams, christened in Wheatley, Oxf in 1833 (ratcatcher of Upton, Berks); Sarah, born in Gloucestershire about 1836; and Ann, born in Wiltshire or Berkshire about 1840. I’ve found spouses for five of these, all but one of them a first cousin.

Marianne Williams married (as Mary daughter of Thomas) in Tilehurst in 1856 her cousin, Richard Roberts son of Richard Roberts (the son of Alice Williams, daughter of James and Sarah) and Catharine Hazard (Sophia’s sister, christened in Wantage in 1813). I’ve found no children for Richard and Marianne, thought the former lived till 1909.

Emma Williams married her cousin, Moti Hazard son of William Hazard (Sophia’s brother, christened in Wantage in 1805) and Honor Buckland (daughter of Ravishing Billy). They had the following children (often hard to trace because of a taste, shared by other members of the family, for delayed baptisms: Leander (christened as a Williams in Tilehurst in 1855 daughter of Emma), who married (as a Williams daughter of Motey, horsedealer) Adolphus William May in Reading St Giles, Berks in 1880, witnessed by John and Louisa Williams, perhaps Thomas and Sophia’s firstborn son and his wife); Cinamenta, christened as a Buckland in Bray, Berks in 1857 daughter of Timootius and Emma; William, born in Buckinghamshire about 1862; Arabella, born in Oxfordshire about 1864; Sarah, perhaps born about 1866 but christened as a Williams in Ascot, Berks in 1870 daughter of Emma, hawker of Bracknell; Mingie (perhaps Lementina), born in Oxfordshire about 1868; Agnes, christened as a Williams, daughter of Emma in Ascot in 1870 with her sister, Sarah: and Phoebe, christened as a Hazard in Reading St Giles in 1873, daughter of Motus and Emma.

Sophia Williams married her cousin, Solomon Buckland, christened in Leafield, Oxf in 1819, son of Ann Buckland (daughter of Ravishing Billy) and I’m sure, Henry Hazard (Sophia’s brother, born before 1800, when their parents started christening their offspring in Wantage). It seems to have been a late marriage for Solomon in particular, and I’ve only found two children: Job, christened as a Williams in Gt Marlow, Bucks in 1862 son of Sophia; and Francis, born in Berkshire about 1864.

Job Williams, after whom Sophia named her first son by Solomon, married his cousin, Elizabeth Roberts, christened in Ashbury, Berks in 1836, daughter of Richard Roberts (son of Alice Williams, the daughter of James and Sarah) and Job’s aunt, the fore-mentioned Catherine Hazard. Job and Elizabeth christened a Mary and Richard Williams in Gt Marlow in 1860 (Mary at least baptised late) and a Thomas and Ann in Ascot, Berks in 1870 (tinman of Reading), both of them baptised late. They also had a Job junior, born allegedly in Gt Milton, Oxf about 1872.

Finally, Ann Williams married Plato Buckland, not a cousin (christened in Appleton, Berks in 1839 son of George Buckland and Sarah Smith). Plato and Ann had the following children between about 1866 and 1882: Owen, Alfred, Job, Timothy, Nathan, Albert, and Louisa Mary. Four of these sons were christened, each as a Williams son of Ann,in a job lot in Gt Marlow in 1874 (Owen aged eight, Alfred six, Timothy three, and Nathan presumably an infant); Job was christened as a Williams, son of Ann in W Molesey, Sry in 1870; Albert was born allegedly in Reading about 1877; and Louisa Mary was christened as a Williams in Burnham, Bucks in 1882, daughter of Plato and Ann. Owen married his cousin, Agnes, daughter of Moti and Emma, and had about 1896-1908 a Nathan, William, Edward, Plato, and Susan, of whom William and Edward were each christened as a Williams, together in Clewer, Berks in 1902. Owen’s brother, Nathan, married Matilda Chapman, daughter of Frederick Chapman and Macey Light, and had a Jane, Joseph, Nathan, and Albert, of whom Jane at least was christened as a Buckland, in Clewer in 1882 with her cousins, William and Edward Williams. It’s not just the delayed baptisms you have to watch out for with this family: the variable surnames can also be pretty tricky.

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