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John Charlotte

Eric Trudgill    -    8 April 2014

John Charlotte was baptised in Warwick St Mary, Wks in 1795 son of Edmund and Elizabeth. He married Sophia Smith, possibly daughter of John and Eleanor. And they were buried in Kirton in Lindsey, Lincs, which had become their family’s “home”, respectively in 1860 aged 77 and in 1887 aged 99.

They christened the following children: Helena (Eleanor/Ellen) Charlotte in Gamlingay, Cambs in 1817 gypsies; Edmund (sometimes Edward) Charlotte in Hickling, Notts in 1822 chimney sweep; Silvester Smith in Folkingham, Lincs in 1827 trampers; Levanci Charlotte Smith in Whittlesey, Cambs in 1829; and four children (all as Charlottes) in Lincs, Elizabeth in Billinghay in 1831 vagrant, John in Welton le Marsh in 1834chairbottomer, James in Scredington in 1835 travelling gypsy, and John (a mistake for George) in Hawerby cum Beesby in 1838 gypsy (George Charlotte, born in “Hareby”, Lincs according to the 1861 census, was buried in Kirton in Lindsey in 1867 aged 24, with Sophia Charlotte the informant on his death certificate). To these we can add about 1819 or about 1824 certainly a Sistance and perhaps the Joseph Charlotte who christened a daughter in Wellingore, Lincs in 1848.

Ellen Charlotte, christened in 1817, married first, perhaps her half-uncle, Dennis Smith son of William and Charlotte. They had the following children: Sidney Smith, christened in Nettleham, Lincs in 1835 son of Dennis Smith and Ellen Jarlett; Sylvestia, born in Lincs about 1838, who married (19) Thomas Major (20 son of George) in Kirton in Lindsey in 1855; Tennant Smith, christened in Irby, Lincs in 1840, who married first Caroline Smith and christened a Tennant in Kirton in Lindsey in1861, and then married Lucy daughter of Elijah Boswell and Charlotte Smith and had a Phoenix; Fenwick (Phoenix) Smith, christened in Kirton in Lindsey in 1846, who married his cousin, Emily/Emmenia Smith daughter of Sidney; Sabina Sarah Smith, Fenwick’s twin and christened with him in 1846, who, I suspect, re-named as Sophia married (23 daughter of Dennis) Thomas Smith (29 son of Moses) in Lincoln St Paul in the Bail in 1869; and Israel Smith, christened in Hemswell, Lincs in 1849, who married Lilburn Smith daughter of Arkles. Ellen Charlotte, having left Dennis Smith, married Sydney Boswell (son of Elijah and Harriet) in Danby, Yks in 1859 and christened an Edmund Boswell in York the following year.

Sistance Charlotte, born about 1819 or1824, married Clementina Clayton daughter of John and Frances. They had the following children: Joseph, christened in Boston, Lincs in 1844, who married an Elizabeth and had a Systance christened in 1871 and a Clementina born about 1875; Selina Charlotte, christened in Beesby, Lincs in 1846, who married Arnold Elliott son of Edward and Martha; James Charlotte, christened in Welton by Lincoln in 1849; Elizabeth Clayton, christened in Kirton in Lindsey in 1851 illegitimate daughter of Clementina, who married Oliver Lee in 1876 and had a Lementina who married a so far untraced Edgar Sharlott in 1914; Reuben, born in Lincs perhaps about 1857, who married a Jane; William, Mary Ann and Lily, born in Lincs about 1859-64; Isaac/Isaiah, born about 1865, who married (21 son of Cistern Sharlott) Angelina Smith (20 daughter of Samuel) in Hunslet, Yks in 1886; and Matilda Charlotte, born in Sculcoates, Yks in 1871 daughter of Sistance and Clementina, who married first James Cunningham in 1893, and then (25 widowed daughter of Systam Charlotte) Thomas Boswell (32 widowed son of William) in Howden, Yks in 1897.

Edmund Charlotte, christened in 1822, married first Rachel/Christian Smith (daughter of James and Eunice) in Corringham, Lincs in 1842. They had the following children: James junior, born and buried in Binbrook, Lincs in 1843 son of Edward and Rachel; Isaiah, born and buried in Binbrook in 1845 son of Edmund and Rachel; and John, christened in both Waddingham and Snitterby, Lincs on the same day in 1846 son of Edward and Christophera. Edmund then married Margaret Smith. They had the following children: Sarah, christened in Keelby, Lincs in 1849; Sabina, christened in Keelby in 1852; and Unity, christened in both Kirton in Lindsey and Goxhill, Lincs within three days in 1856.

Silvester Charlotte, christened in 1827, married (19 daughter of John) William Lacey (22 son of Moses) in MktRasen, Lincs in 1846. The only child I’ve come across is the Sarah Lacey christened in Louth, Lincs in 1847 daughter of William and Charlotte (Silvester’s surname being recorded as her forename), who married (daughter of William Lacey) Charles Hardy (son of Charles) in Kirton in Lindsey in 1867.

Levanci Charlotte, christened in 1829, married Riley Boswell (son of Elijah and Harriet) in 1878 in Scarborough, Yks, which was now pretty much their “home” (Riley died there in 1896 aged 68, and Levanci died there in 1916 aged 86). They christened three Boswell children in Lincs: Ezrie in Kirton in Lindsey in 1848; Eve in S Ferriby in 1851, who married KaliasGray son of William and Tabitha; and Mary Ann in Kirton in Lindsey in 1853, who died young. They then seem to have had an Israel, born in Lincs about 1855, who married (Israel Smith) Maria Jefferson in Scarborough in 1878 and settled there; an Aaron, born in Yks about 1857; Mary Ann Smith, christened in New Malton, Yks in December 1858; Ellen Boswell, christened in Scarborough in January 1864, who married (Ellen Smith) John Ward in Scarborough in 1884 and settled there; perhaps a Jemima, born in Scarborough about 1865; a William, born in Stockton, Durham about1867; Lemonteena Buss, christened in Thornaby, Yks in 1869, who married (19) Alfred Rhodes (21 hawker son of James dec) in Hull in 1888; and Riley Boswell junior, christened in Bridlington, Yks in 1873, who married Ada Parker in Scarborough in 1897.

Elizabeth Charlotte, christened in 1831, married (19) John Major (son of John potter) in Kirton in Lindsey in 1850, and christened seven Major children there: Sabina in 1851, Joseph William in 1853, John in 1856, Albert Alfred in 1860, Elizabeth in 1869, Tom in 1871, and Clara Sabina in 1872.

John Charlotte, christened in 1834, and George Charlotte, recorded as John in 1838, don’t seem to have married or had children, but James Charlotte, christened in 1835, married a Priscilla and had the following children: Alfred Charlotte, christened in both Kirton in Lindsey and Goxhill, Lincs in 1856 on the same day (Unity Charlotte daughter of Edmund was christened in both those churches six months later); Ambrose Charlotte, christened in Crofton, Yks in 1866; Emmaline, born in Pendlebury, Yks about 1869; Edith, born in Helmsley, Yks about 1873; Elias, born in Grassington, Yks about 1875; Eliza, born in Wakefield, Yks about 1877; and Elizabeth, born in Hunslet, Yks in 1880.

I’m grateful to Jo Major for some very helpful data on the Charlottes.

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