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Richard Boswell

Eric Trudgill    -    1 June 2014

Richard Boswell was baptised in Auckland St Andrew, Durham in 1781 son of Daniel (and Sarah). He married Sarah Smith, and christened the following children: Rebecca and Richard junior jointly in Worksop, Notts in 1806: Israel in Beverley St John, Yorks in 1809; Frederick in Everton, Notts in 1811 (of Bishop Auckland, Durham); Nathaniel in Hull Holy Trinity, Yorks in 1813 (brazier); Louisa in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorks in 1815 (china seller of Bishop Auckland); Henry in York St Cuthbert, Yorks in 1817 (hawker); and Thomas in Hook, Yorks in 1819 (son of Richard Boswell and Sarah Smith, travelling tinker).

In an article on Daniel Boswell’s father, Edward, on this web-site in June 2011 I guessed (correctly, it turned out) that Daniel’s grandson, Richard junior, christened in 1806, was the well-known Dick Boswell who married Kitty Evans and established an important Boswell colony in Wales. Richard Boswell (bell hanger son of Richard, bell hanger) married Catherine Evans (daughter of Daniel, razor grinder) belatedly in Llanbister, Radnor in 1872, and their children included the following: Sarah, christened in Pembridge, Herefordshire in 1831, who was said to have married Tom Scamp, son of Riley; Charlotte and Susan, born in Wales about 1836 and 1838; Israel (aka William), born in Montgomeryshire in the March quarter of 1840, who married Elinor Williams (daughter of Richard, lab) in Disserth, Radnor in 1861; Louisa, Agnes, and Richard, born in Wales about 1842-46; and Rebecca, born in theLlandilofawr RD in 1848, who married Evan Edwards in Montgomeryshire in 1865.

I currently have offspring for only two of Richard junior’s children, Israel and Rebecca. Israel/William and Elinor had the following children: Richard, christened in Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire in 1861; David (a well-known fighter), born in Machynlleth in 1863, who married an Agnes, and christened a William Richard in 1885 and an Elizabeth in 1888; William, born in the Machynlleth RD in 1865, who married an Anne; Ellen, christened in Machynlleth in 1867, who may have died young; Catherine Ann, born in Swansea, Glamorgan in 1872, who married Daniel Evans son of Edwin and Zubi in Swansea Register Office in 1899; Eleanor, christened in Newtown, Montgomeryshire in 1877; Edith, born in the Newtown RD in1879; and Caroline Jane, christened in Llanwddyn, Montgomeryshire in 1883. The offspring of Evan Edwards and Israel’s sister, Rebecca, can be found in the census, and also in my article on this web-site in March 2013 on Kitty’s father, Daniel Evans.

Richard and Sarah’s Israel, christened in 1809, married twice: in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 1837 (son of Richard, hawker) he married Elizabeth Banks; and a few years later he married an Irish woman, Rosanna Coyle, and christened Miranda and Alfred Boswell in Bilston Holy Trinity, Staffs in 1846 and 1849. Israel also had, it seems, a George by one of his wives, born in Manchester, Lancs about 1843.

In the article in which I guessed Richard junior married Kitty Evans I also guessed (correctly, it turned out) that Richard and Sarah’s Frederick, christened in 1811, was the well-known Frederick Boswell, husband of Harriet, who established an important Boswell colony on the Isle of Man (their children were marrying there by 1866, Harriet died there in 1881, and Frederick died there in 1891). Frederick Boswell (son of Richard, cork cutter) married Harriet Boswell (daughter of Absalom, brazier) in Liverpool St Nicholas, Lancs in 1845, Absalom Boswell being the cousin of Frederick’s father. Their children included the following: Sarah, christened in Staveley, Derbyshire in 1840; Rhoda Ann, born in Cheshire about 1848, who married first Thomas Wilcox in Maughold, Isle of Man in 1866 and married second Henry George Kelly in Bradden, Isle of Man in 1876; Anne, born in Cheshire about 1850, who married John McManus; Thomas, born in Sheffield, Yorks about 1852, who married (aged 20 son of Frederick) Christina Corkhill in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1872; and Alfred, born about 1860, who married Amelia (Minnie) Wicks.

I currently have offspring for only three of Frederick’s children. Rhoda Ann by her first husband had about 1867 a Frederick, named after her father. Thomas and Christina had between their marriage and 1895 a Harriet, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nellie, Christina, Frederick, Ethel May, Richard, Florence Alice, and Harold Henry, mostly born and sometimesbaptised in Douglas, Isle of Man. And Alfred and Amelia had between 1888 and 1899 an Alfred junior, Walter John and Ada, christened together in Douglas in 1895, a Frederick born in Douglas in 1897, and twin daughters, Minnie and Mona, born in Douglas in 1899; Mona, it seems, was named after the daughter of Wallace Boswell and Jemima Noyes christened in Douglas in 1892, the connection perhaps explaining why the gypsiologists mistakenly listed a Wallace among Frederick and Harriet’s children (Jemima’s husband was christened in 1853 son of Sylvester Boswell and Florence Chilcott).

Richard and Sarah’s Henry, christened in 1817, married (son of Richard Boswell, cork cutter) Sarah Morris, daughter of John, in Liverpool St Nicholas, Lancs in 1845 jointly with Frederick and Harriet Boswell, who acted as their witnesses. So far the only children I have for them are Louisa, John and Mary, born between about 1851 and 1855.

Finally, Richard and Sarah’s Thomas, christened in 1819, married (aged 19 son of Richard, cork cutter) Starany Florence (aged 21 illegitimate daughter of Frederick Price and Ellen Florence) in Delamere, Cheshire in 1839. I’ll be writing about Starany’s family connections in future articles about the Florences and Prices. Thomas and Starany had the following children: Frederick, born in Speke, Lancs in 1840 son of Thomas and Styaranny, cork dealer, who married (26 tinplate worker son of Thomas) Charlotte Burns (daughter of Thomas, lab) in Dudley St Thomas, Worcs in 1866; Matilda, christened in Plemstall, Cheshire in 1843; Kaomi, christened in Sandbach, Cheshire in 1844 (whitesmith of Wellington), who married (daughter of Thomas) Meshach Boswell (bell hanger son of Phoenix, tinplate worker) in Runcorn, Cheshire in 1860, Phoenix Boswell being son of the Israel who was cousin of the Richard baptised in 1781; and Thomas junior, born in Rowley Regis, Staffs about 1845.

I currently have offspring for only one of Thomas’ children. Frederick and Charlotte had an Alice, christened in Dudley St Thomas just three months after they were married there, who married Henry Watts in Pontypridd, Glamorgan in 1882. They had a Henry, born in the Burslem RD in 1870, who died in the Wellington RD in 1873. And they had a Maria, christened in Wellington, Shropshire in 1872, who married Frederick Charles Butcher in the Merthyr Tydfil RD in 1893.

As always I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who can augment, challenge or correct any of the above information.

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