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Mantus Buckand

Eric Trudgill    -    6 July 2014

Mantus was baptised in Ratley, Wks in 1817 as Emanuel Buckland son of Emanuel and Sinphi, his parents being children respectively of John and Ravishing Billy Buckland. And Mantus died in the Shipton on Stour Registration District in 1903 aged ninety as Emmanuel Buckland. Personally I think it’s best to call him Mantus, as he, his family, and the pioneer gypsiologists did, to distinguish him from his son, Emmanuel junior, and from his father, whom I call Manuel.

Mantus married Susan Coldecot, daughter of William and his wife, Vashti Smith, grand-daughter of the famous Jasper, in Tysoe, Wks in 1845, and they had the following children: Sabina, christened (as Selina) in Tysoe, Wks in 1846; Emmanuel junior, christened in Tanworth, Wks in 1849; seemingly a short-lived Emmeline, christened in Oldberrow, Wks in 1852;Ocean aka Melinda, christened (as Sienna) in Swinbrook, Oxf in 1855;Laviniahsaid in the 1871 census to have been born in Worcs about 1857; Madona, christened in Butlers Marston, Wks in 1861 daughter of Mantis; Richenda, christened in Alderton, Glos in 1863 travelling basketmaker of Ratley; and William, christened in Ratley in 1868.

In addition the gypsiologists thought Mantus took a temporary second wife, Peggy Buckland (his second cousin, christened in 1829 daughter of Edward and Lucy), and had a child by her just before or just after she married Alfred Smith, also christened in 1829 son of John and Fallowfield. It’s truMantus and Alfred and their families were camping very close to each other in the 1871 census, and Alfred’s oldest child there (Ellenin 1861, and now Norah), born in Worcs about 1858, could be Mantus’ child, Lenora Buckland daughter of Emmanuel when she married George Fletcher in 1878.But that Lenora may have been a re-named Laviniah, since the gypsiologists gave both Alfred and Mantus a Lenora, with Mantus’ and not Alfred’s marrying George Fletcher. We should probably keep an open mind on all this till we find more evidence. Either way Mantus seems to have had seven children who reached adulthood.

Sabina Buckland, christened in 1846, married Henry (aka Albert) Green, christened in 1838 son of George and Leo, and had the following children: Anselina Green, christened in Malvern Link, Worcs in 1871, who married her cousin, Surrenda Buckland son of John Buckland and Fairnetty Green, Henry’s sister; Richenda, born in Bristol, Glos about 1873; Albert Green, christened in Ilmington, Wks in 1874, who married Matilda Buckland daughter of Jabez and Amy in 1908; Annie, born in Barrowden, Rutland about 1877, who married Henry Forest son of Luke and Amy; Ada, born in Birmingham, Wks about 1879; Drusilla Green, born about 1881 and christened in Bromsgrove, Worcs in 1883, who married Matthew Forest son of Luke and Amy; Edith Green, christened with Drusilla in 1883; and Nelson, born in Worcs about 1887, who seems to have died in 1897.

Emmanuel Buckland junior, christened in 1849, married Ansilena (aka Evelina) James in Worcester St Michael in 1873, witnessed by Sabina Buckland and Sampson James (son-in-law of Mantus’ sister, Selina). They had the following children: Horace, christened in Worcester St Clement in 1874; Albert, born in Hinckley, Leics about 1877; and then Ernest, Emmanuel, William, Lily, Georgina (who married Richard Kelbie in 1904), James, Emily, and Edward, all said in the census to have been born in Worcestershire, but James at least was christened in Ilkeston, Derbyshire in 1895, and Horace, like his father, died in Scotland.

Ocean Buckland, christened in 1855, married the half-brother of Sabina’s husband, George Green junior (christened in 1853 son of George and Eliza), in Stow on the Wold, Glos in 1877. They had the following children: Polly, born in Barford, Oxf about 1871; Emily, born in Worcester about 1879; Edward, born in Evesham, Worcs about 1881; Zamla Green, christened in Sutton under Brailes, Wks in 1883; Walter, born in Worcester about 1887, who married Charlotte Buckland daughter of Noah and Eliza; and Kate, born in Charlton Kings, Glos about 1897.

Lenora Buckland (perhaps Mantus’ daughter by Peggy Buckland, or perhaps previously named Laviniah), born about 1857, married (21 daughter of Emmanuel) George Fletcher (21 son of Thomas [&Risavoi]) in Worcester St Michael in 1878. I haven’t found any children.

Madona Buckland, christened in 1861, married William Buckland son of John and Fairnetty. They had the following children: Sentilena, born in Birmingham, Wks about 1878, who married Frederick Aldridge; Archibald, born in the Alcester RD in 1880, who married Elva Stanley; Bella, born in the Stratford-upon-Avon RD in 1882; Herbert, born in Worcester about 1884; Susan Edith, christened in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1889; William, born in Worcester about 1891, who married Fazenta Fenner daughter of Cornelius and Caroline in Datchet, Bucks in 1913; Albert, born in Gloucester, Glos about 1894; and Lulu, born in Evesham, Worcs about 1899.

Richenda Buckland, christened in 1863, married James Turner (son of James, a hotel proprietor) in Worcester All Saints in 1884, and had the following children: Arthur H, James, and John Turner, born in Worcester about 1885-92; and then Ellen, Ellen Louisa, and Louie Turner, christened in Worcester St Mary Magdalene in 1895, 1897, and 1899,

Finally, William Buckland, christened in 1868, married Kate Benfield in the Shipston on Stour RD in 1898, and had the following children by 1909: William Albert, Horace, Ernest Emmanuel, Susan, and Lenora Kate. All the children were born, it seems, in Chipping Camden, Glos, like their mother, and their father seems to have died there.

The first five, then, of Mantus’ children, excluding Emmeline, all married Gypsies, like their parents, and maintained the traditional travelling lifestyle, while the last two married gorjers and settled, like so many of their Gypsy contemporaries.

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