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Lucretia Smith.

Eric Trudgill    -    30 August 2014

Lucretia Smith was baptised in Shenington, Glos in 1778 daughter of the famous Jasper. She married Moses Smith (baptised in 1772 son of the first famous Nehemiah) in Aston le Walls, Northants in 1794, and they were buried in Tysoe, Wks in 1856 and 1846 respectively, both “aged 80”.

They christened the following children: Salavico (usually Salavino) in Epwell, Oxf in 1795; Vesse (Vashti) in Tysoe in 1798; Trezian in Marston St Lawrence, Northants in 1800; Comfort in Moreton Pinkney, Northants in 1805; Jasper in Alkerton, Oxf in 1807; Clarence and Anslow in Tadmarton, Oxf in 1809 and 1811 respectively; Sophia in Brailes, Wks in 1813; Rhoda in Needham, Northants in 1815; Elias in Bloxham, Oxf in 1817; and Arnold in Mollington, Oxf in 1821.

Salavino married a Margaret Smith in Hook Norton, Oxf in 1818, and seems to have had only one child, Silence christened in Mollington in 1825.

Vashti married William Coldecot in Tadmarton in 1818, and seems to have had only two children, John and Susan. John Coldecot, christened in Tysoe in 1819, married Clementina Fletcher (christened in 1825 daughter of Henry) in Tysoe in 1848, and they christened (all Coldecots and in Tysoe) the Musadeah in 1849 who married Vincent Bond in Tysoe in 1870 and died sailing to New Zealand in 1871, and the twins, Charley and William, in 1851, who married respectively Ann Dumbleton in Brailes in 1873 and an as yet unidentified Mary. Susan Coldecot, born about 1821, married Mantus Buckland (christened in 1817 son of Manuel) in Tysoe in 1845, and christened the following Buckland children: Selina (normally Sabina) in Tysoe in 1846; Emmanuel in Tanworth, Wks in 1849; Sienna (normally Ocean or Melinda) in Swinbrook, Oxf in 1855; Madona in Butlers Marston, Wks in 1861; Richenda in Alderton, Glos in 1863; and William in Ratley, Wks in 1868 (Mantus and Susan also had allegedly a John, born perhaps about 1852 and dying young, and a Leonora/Lavinia born about 1857); you’ll find more about Susan’s children in my article on Mantus two months ago.

Trezian married a widower, Joseph Smith (christened in 1796 son of Matthew), in Epwell in 1826, and christened the following children: Joseph in Balscote, Oxf in 1827, Vashti in Priors Hardwick, Wks in 1828, Jenty in Mollington in 1830, twins Margaret and Salavino in Middleton Cheney, Northants in 1832, Leonard in Shotteswell, Wks in 1834, Jerusalem in Bloxham in 1836, Sarah in Shenington in 1837, Carnation in Radway, Northants in 1840, and Cornelius and Prudence in Tysoe in 1842 and 1844 respectively. Joseph junior married Eliza Harris daughter of George in Tysoe in 1848, and christened a short-lived Elizabeth in Tysoe in 1858. Jenty married Anthony Phillips son of Anthony in Tysoe in 1848 jointly with Joseph and Eliza, and christened six Phillips children in Tysoe 1850-73. Margaret married Stephen Smith son of William in Daventry, Northants in 1849. Jerusalem married Maney Clayton daughter of James in Aston Juxta, Wks in 1863. And Prudence married William Handy in Ilmington, Wks in 1865, where they christened seven out of their thirteen children.

Comfort married her second cousin, Rito Smith (christened in 1814 son of Nehemiah and Rhoda), in Fenny Compton, Wks in 1833, and seems to have had no children before she was widowed in 1841.

Jasper married Rosamond Jones (christened in 1809 daughter of John and Carnation) in Epwell in 1828, and seems to have had only one child, Benjamin christened in Tysoe in 1848.

Clarence was buried in Tysoe in 1844, seemingly without issue, and I’ve found no children for his siblings, Sophia, Elias and Arnold.

Anslow, however, married Ann McGee in Banbury, Oxf in 1829, and christened a Richard in Weston Sub-Edge, Glos in 1832, Rosanna in Hanwell, Oxf in 1834, Susanna in Shenington in 1837, Patience in Warmington, Wks in 1840, and Comfort in Banbury in 1843. The latter married Thomas Buckland and had by him a short-lived Mizella Buckland christened in Banbury in 1860.

Finally Rhoda married her cousin, George Smith (christened in 1816 son of John and Mary). They had a Louisa, Elias and Riley born between about 1837 and 1841, and christened a Valentine in Pattingham, Staffs in 1843, an Abraham in Old Swinford, Worcs in 1847, an Emmanuel and a Silence in Kinver, Staffs in 1847 and 1849 respectively, an Ephraim in Pattingham in 1851, an Enoch in Kingswinford, Staffs in 1853, and an Ellen Jane in Old Swinford in 1857. Valentine by a Merchina Buckland had a Fiance, Georgina and Emily between about 1864 and 1868, and by a Hannah had a Walter, Mary and Rhoda born between about 1872 and 1878. Emmanuel by a Joanna had a Silence christened in Kinver in 1872, an Ephraim and Alice christened in Kingswinford in 1874 and 1876 respectively, and a Miranda and Leonard born between about 1878 and 1881. And Ephraim senior perhaps by a Mary Ann had the Ephraim christened in Kingswinford in 1892.

Many of the great Jasper Smith’s children and grandchildren are mainly of interest to their descendants: they tended to have small families and/or marry gorjers and settle. Lucretia’s family, whilst somewhat unprolific and devoted to Tysoe, are a welcome exception to the rule, as is the family of her younger brother, Wisdom, whom I’ll be discussing next September.

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