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John Penfold

Eric Trudgill    -    1 November 2014

The John Penfold in question was the brother probably of a William, Robert, Priscilla and James associated with the Reading area in Berks and Hythe in Kent (see my Tracing Back article of July 2014). He was buried in Shirley, Hants in 1868 allegedly aged 88. He married a Charlotte, and he had the following children: John junior christened probably in Warminster St Denys, Wilts in 1809 (no corroborative detail); Robert born in Wilts or Hants about 1815; Rachel born in Hants about 1827; Olive christened in Portchester, Hants in 1829, Maria in Brocklehurst, Hants in 1831, and William in Hale, Hants in 1834 (traveller of Hythe, Kent). The last four of these children can be dealt with quickly.

Rachel Penfold married James Franks in Poole RD in 1850, and christened a James Franks junior in Wool, Dorset in 1851 (itinerant hawker and brushmaker of Seaton, Devon), who married an Annie and had six children in Somerset. Olive Penfold married Amos Thompson son of Amos and Priscilla in Poole, Dorset in 1853, and christened the following Thompson children: Amos in Portsea, Hants in 1854, and Patience and Priscilla in Shirley in 1859 and 1861. Maria Penfold married Henry Thompson son of Amos and Priscilla in Southampton Holy Trinity in 1853, and had a Henry junior around that time who married a Caroline. And William Penfold married Priscilla Thompson, daughter of Amos and Priscilla, in Wymering, Hants in 1854, and had the following children: Priscilla and Charlotte, born in Portsmouth, Hants about 1855 and 1857, who married their cousins, James and Henry Penfold; William christened in Portsea in 1860; Amos born in Shirley about 1862, who married an Ethel; Henry born in Shirley about 1864; Olive born in Portsmouth about 1866, who married George Savage in 1888; Patience christened in Portsea in 1867, who married Charles William Light in 1888; Rachel christened in Shirley in 1869; Robert christened in Melcombe Regis, Dorset in 1875; and Frederick born in Lymington, Hants about 1878.

John Penfield junior, the oldest of John and Charlotte’s children, married Harriet James in Pimperne, Dorset in 1831, and had the following children: Robert christened in Up Nately, Hants in 1832 (of Theale, Berks); John christened in Hale, Hants in 1834 (travellers of Hythe, Kent); William christened in Pimperne in 1836 and Charlotte in N Stoneham, Hants in 1838; Thomas born in Poole about 1840 and Christopher in Taunton, Somerset about 1843; Elizabeth christened in Weymouth, Dorset in 1845 (hawker of brushes of Theale, Berks); Alfred christened in Charlton, Somerset in 1847, Henry in Marston Magna, Somerset in 1850, and Edward in Gulval, Cornwall in 1852.

Of these Robert Penfold, christened in 1832, married first Fiance Smith daughter of James in Uffculme, Dev in 1854, and had a John and James born about 1856-58, and a Selina and William baptised in 1860 and 1862. He then married Louisa Smith and christened six children in Cornwall 1865-80: Thomas Alfred, Sylvina, and Betsy; Defiance and Rachel (Robert in each case of Reading, Berks), and finally Charlotte. Charlotte Penfold, christened in 1838, married Henry Gess son of Henry and Rebecca in the Plymouth Register Office in 1855, and had a dozen or so Gess children, of whom at least six were christened in Devon and two in Cornwall, and four were married in the London area (Henry Gess junior in 1888 to his cousin, Patience Penfold daughter of Christopher). Thomas Penfold, born about 1840, married Sophia Orchard daughter of William and Caroline in S Molton RD in 1866, and had a dozen or so children, mostly christened in Cornwall, of whom Christiana, Edward, Sophia and Eliza married Orchards, and Christopher, Nelson and Nellie married Richards siblings.

Christopher Penfold, born about 1843, married Patience Gess, his sister-in-law, and christened at least eight children in Devon, of whom Patience married Henry Gess junior. Elizabeth, christened in 1845, married Edwin Orchard son of Joseph and Susan in the Plymouth RO in 1871, and had seven Orchard children, mostly baptised or born in Cornwall, of whom Charlotte married in 1893 her second-cousin, Benjamin Orchard son of James and Britannia. Alfred Penfold, christened in 1847, married in 1871 (jointly with his sister Elizabeth and Edwin Orchard) Louisa Small daughter of Moses and Cinderella, and had seven children, of whom two (Alfred junior and William) married Orchards and three (Phoebe, Mary and Harriet) married Sanders. Henry Penfold, christened in 1850, married Ocean Hughes, and had about eleven children mostly born or baptised in Devon, of whom John married Ellen Small. And Edward Penfold, born in 1852, married Rachel Holland daughter of Joseph and Rebecca in Crediton RD in 1875, and had about eleven children, of whom the first, Charlotte, married Joe Roberts.

Robert Penfold, born about 1815 and younger brother of the John junior whose descendants I’ve been tracing, married his cousin, Amelia Page (christened in 1817 daughter of James and Priscilla, hawker)in Bishops Waltham, Hants in 1836, and had the following children: Robert junior christened in Minstead, Hants in 1846 (traveller of Reading, Berks), who presumably died young; Rachel christened in Verwood, Dorset in 1840, who certainly died young, being buried in early 1855 aged 14; John christened in Privett, Hants in 1843; William christened in Parkestone, Dorset in 1844; another Robert born in Hants about 1846; Thomas born in Devon about 1848; James born in Somerset about 1850; Olive born in Newburgh, Dorset in 1852; and Henry christened in Lytchett, Dorset in 1855, Elizabeth in Chickerell, Dorset in January 1860 and Priscilla in Hilfield, Dorset in October 1860. I’ve traced children for only the last six of these.

Thomas Penfold, born about 1848, married Patience Thompson (yet another child of Amos and Priscilla) in Wareham RD in 1871, and christened the following children: Patience in Melcombe Regis, Dorset in 1872; Robert and Betsy in Bradpole, Dorset in 1877 and 1878; and Thomas and William John jointly in Bere Regis, Dorset in 1884. James Penfold, born about 1850, married Priscilla Penfold (daughter of his cousin, William Penfold, and his sister-in-law, Priscilla Thompson), and had the following children: Priscilla born in Somerset about 1875; John christened in Bradpole in 1877; Patience born in Weymouth about 1878; Amelia and Betsy christened in Bradpole in 1880 and 1882; Olive and Alfred christened in Bere Regis in 1884 and 1885; Rose and Faithful born in Dorset about 1887-90; and Moses, Frank, Elizabeth and Fiance christened in Bere Regis 1896-1900.

Olive Penfold, born in 1852, married a William Jones, and had five children I haven’t been able to trace beyond the census. Henry Penfold, christened in 1855, married Charlotte Penfold, his sister-in-law, in Weymouth RD in 1872, and had a Henry junior and a William born about 1873-75; Charlotte and Amelia christened in Bradpole in 1877 and 1880; James, Patience and Charlotte in Bere Regis in 1884 and 1895-96; and Jim and Bessie in Iwerne Courtney, Dorset 1898-99. Elizabeth Penfold, christened in 1860, married John Mayne, and had a John, Robert and Elizabeth Mayne born about 1884-89, and Rachel, Frank and Patience Mayne christened in Bere Regis 1895-1900. And Priscilla Penfold, christened in 1860, married Henry Orchard son John and Sarah in Uphill, Somerset in 1881, and had a Mary Ann Orchard, christened in Uphill in 1882 who married in 1899 Edward Penfold son of Thomas and Sophia, plus a John, Josiah, Edward and Priscilla Orchard born in Somerset between about 1885 and 1895.

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