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James Clayton

Eric Trudgill    -    31 January 2015

James Clayton was baptised in Sandford St Martin, Oxf in 1773 son of Francis and Mary, travellers. He married an Elizabeth as yet unidentified, and had children and grandchildren regularly kind enough to give us their lineage by describing themselves as of Sandford. I included him in the R&T FHS booklet on the Claytons and Booths published in 2009(get a copy while stocks last), but can now fill in a lot more detail. His first son seemingly was a James junior born in Northants about 1795 who described himself as of Sandford at his wedding and at the baptism of six of his children. James and Elizabeth went on to baptise (all in Northants) a Robert in Boddington in 1796, a Tobias in Dodford in 1797, a William in Moulton in 1799, a Sarah in Litchborough in 1803, and a Joseph in Boughton in 1805. I still know nothing about Sarah beyond her baptism, but the five sons are less difficult to trace.

James Clayton junior, born about 1795, married Rebecca Colson in Church Brampton, Northants in 1818, and had a short-lived Charlotta baptised and buried in Whaddon, Bucks in 1820, and a William born probably about 1823. They then christened Joseph in Ravensthorpe, Northants in 1825, Sarah in Bloxham, Oxf in 1828, James in Harpole, Northants in 1830 (and again in Cotesbach, Leics in 1831), Elizabeth in Crick, Northants in 1832, and Eliza and Thomas in what was becoming a family church in Hampton in Arden, Wks in 1836 and 1838 respectively. Of these Joseph married a Sarah, and christened a Joseph in Packwood, Wks in 1850, a Betsy in Lapworth, Wks in 1853, and a Thomas in Beoley, Worcs in 1860; James married Trinity Boswell, the daughter of his aunt Patience by her first husband, and christened a Samson (as Samuel) in Oldbury, Worcs in 1848 (who married Mary Ann Ball in 1867), a Walter in Knowle, Wks in 1851, and a James in Sutton Coldfield, Wks in 1856; and Thomas married a Mary Ann, and christened a Sarah Ann in Berkswell, Wks in 1858, a Rebecca in Wythall, Worcs in 1861, and a Thomas and Lucy in Packwood in 1864 and 1865 respectively.

Robert Clayton, baptised in 1796, married Sarah Booth in Sharnford, Leics in 1815, and christened James in Aston Cantlow, Wks in 1816, Sinfy in Fenny Compton, Wks in 1819, Louisa in Stratford on Avon, Wks in 1821, Mana in Duston, Northants in 1822, Joseph in Dunchurch, Wks in 1825, Cinderia in Doddington, Northants in 1827, Robert in S Newington, Oxf in 1829, Mary Ann in Hampton in Arden in 1831, Sarah in Watford, Northants in 1833, and Betsy and Lucy in Hampton in Arden in 1836 and 1839 respectively. Of these Robert and Mary Ann were married jointly in Birmingham St Martin, Wks in 1846, Robert to Betsy Beardmore, Mary Ann to her cousin, George Clayton son of Joseph and Patience. And Lucy married Samuel Davies in Birmingham St Martin in 1858.

Tobias Clayton, baptised in 1797, married Elizabeth Holland (christened in 1798 daughter of Robert and Ann) in Loughborough, Leics in 1817. After having two daughters, Ann and Louisa born probably about 1820-23 in Clayton territory in Warwickshire, they christened a son and four more daughters on Holland territory in Leicestershire (Benjamin in Ab Kettleby in 1824, Amadine in Cossington in 1829, Elizabeth in Billesdon in 1834, Drusilla in Twyford in 1836 and Rosanna in Barlestone in 1841), with only Esther, christened in Shipston, Worcs in 1832, representing a return to patrilocality. Of these Ann married Nathan Bull and had an Abraham, Harriet and Elizabeth about 1847-60 in matrilocal Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. And Louisa, as we’re just about to see, married her cousin, Frederick Clayton.

William Clayton, baptised in 1799, married Ann Sherriff (christened in 1798 daughter of William and Elizabeth) in Armitage, Staffs in 1825, having already christened three children by her, Joseph in Binton, Wks in 1821, Charles in Marston upon Dove, Dby in 1823, and Frederick in Wishaw, Wks in 1825. William and Ann then christened Matilda in Aston Cantlow in 1828, Selina in Shustoke, Wks in 1836, and Diverus in Stockingford, Wks in 1842. Of these Joseph married Eliza Johnson daughter of Thomas and Jane in Yoxall, Staffs in 1843. And Frederick married his cousin, Louisa Clayton daughter of Tobias, in Derby St Werburgh, Dby in 1859, having like his father christened three children before getting formally wed, William Henry in Bickenhill, Wks in 1852, Jehirah in Sutton Coldfield in 1854 (who married Alice Ann Brown in 1879), and Eliza in W Bromwich All Saints, Staffs in 1856; Frederick and Louisa followed these with Isaiah born in Derbyshire about 1860, Charles christened in Marston upon Dove in 1862, and Ellen born in Warwickshire about 1865 (who married William Stevenson in 1885).

Finally, Joseph Clayton, baptised in 1805, married his sister-in-law’s sister, Patience Sherriff (christened in 1795 daughter of William and Elizabeth), previously married to Viney Boswell’s brother, Thomas. Joseph and Patience christened a Henry in Stanton, Dby in 1824, George in Hampton in Arden in 1826, William in Preston Bagot, Wks in 1827, Sarah in Hampton in Arden in 1829, Mary Ann in Lapworth in 1832, and Samuel, Lucy and Joseph in Hampton in Arden in 1833, 1836 and 1837 respectively. Henry and his first wife, an Elizabeth, christened a Samuel in Beaudesert, Wks in 1850, William in Knowle in 1852, and Marianne and Henry in Henley in Arden, Wks in 1854 and 1856 respectively. George married his cousin, Mary Ann Clayton daughter of Robert and Sarah, and christened four children in in Warwickshire, Mary in Hampton in Arden in 1847, Emily in Berkswell in 1850, and Elizabeth and Eliza in Sutton Coldfield in 1852 and 1854 respectively. And William married a Caroline, and christened three children in the family’s heartland, Thomas and Sarah in Packwood in 1864 and 1866 respectively, and Eliza in Lapworth in 1868.

The first James Clayton’s Family Tree will be a work in progress for a while yet, and I’d especially like to place the John Joseph Clayton who had a Minnie born about 1840 and a Marina christened in Warwick St Mary in 1842 by Trinity Boswell, before the latter married James Clayton son of James and Rebecca (Marina’s father at her wedding in Birmingham St Martin in 1866 was recorded as James Clayton, her step-father). For now I’m guessing John Joseph was born to Tobias and Elizabeth in the gap between their marriage in 1817 and the birth of their daughter, Ann (it seems unlikely Tobias’ four known brothers, who all christened a Joseph, would christen a John Joseph too). But it’s perfectly possible the first James Clayton had a son or sons as yet undiscovered.

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