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Jeremiah Taylor

Eric Trudgill    -    28 February 2015

Jeremiah Taylor “of Egham, Surrey” married Sarah Fisher “of Bushey, Hertfordshire” in Bovingdon, Herts in 1806. The Egham connection probably means he was a late son of the Nathaniel Taylor who married (corkcutter of Medmenham, Bucks) Ann Loveridge (of Whitchurch, Dorset) in Chesham, Bucks in 1760, and christened a Nathaniel junior in Egham in 1763 (son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth), a John in Egham in 1765 and a Jeremiah in Turweston, Bucks in 1788 (poor travellers), both sons of Nathaniel and Ann. Jeremiah was likewise probably a cousin of the Nathaniel Taylor who christened a Nathaniel junior in Felstead, Essex in 1820 (itinerant tinker of Egham, Surrey).

Jeremiah and Sarah, it’s well known, came to tragically premature deaths, he after a fight on Wimbledon Common, Surrey in 1831, she in the Hartlake disaster, near Hadlow, Kent, in 1853 along with a son, a grandson and other family members. Between their wedding and his death, however, Jeremiah and Sarah had christened eight children in Bushey (Alice in 1807, Maria in 1809, George in 1813, Jeremiah junior in 1816, Joseph in 1822, Plato in 1824, Stephen in 1828 and Henry in 1830), plus two in nearby Watford, Herts (twins William and Thomas) in 1819, and Ann in Egham in 1826. To these we can surely add, in the gap between Maria and George, Jane christened in Dover, Kent in January 1811 or, more probably (given the likely forename of Jeremiah’s father and cousin) Nathaniel in Colchester, Essex in January 1812 – Colchester is near Felstead,

Jeremiah and Sarah were quite prolific, and so were four of their children: Alice, baptised in 1807, who married Meshach Hearn son of Thomas in Watford in 1825; Jeremiah junior, baptised in 1816, who married an Augusta, some say a Beldam; Joseph, baptised in 1822, who married Henrietta [Martha] Ayres daughter of Elizabeth belatedly in Kensal Green, Middlesex in 1871; and Plato, who married Elizabeth Webb in Hadlow in 1848. Jeremiah and Sarah’s other children were less prolific: Thomas, one of the twins baptised in 1819, married a Susan and died along with their young son, Thomas, and the widowed Sarah in the Hartlake disaster; Ann, baptised in 1826, married Henry Sheppard and christened in Kensington an Edward Sheppard in 1860, who married a Hannah, and a Joseph Sheppard in 1865, who in old age married Leanabel Boswell daughter of Zachariah and Justinia; the youngest child Henry, baptised in 1830, married a Mary Ann, and that’s all I know about him.

Alice Taylor and Meshach christened as Hearns the following children: Abednego (sometimes Bendigo or Benjamin) in Bushey in 1826, who married Mary Ann Mancey and christened eight children in Chiswick and Kensington, Mdx 1849-70; Rosanna in St Leonards, Bucks in 1829, who married Riley Lee and christened five children in Chiswick or Kensington 1849-61; Matilda in Wimbledon in 1832, who married Aaron Buckland and had at least a dozen children 1850-79; Frances in Charlton, Kent in 1834; Susanna in Camberwell, Sry in 1837, who married Samuel Spencer in Notting Dale, Mdx in 1860 and christened four children in Kensington by 1869; Kezia Ann in W Molesey, Sry in 1840, who married first a Dickson, and then in Hammersmith, Mdx in 1864 her cousin William Taylor son of Jeremiah junior; Catherine in Offham, Kent in 1842; and Virgin in Chiswick, Mdx in 1845, who by an unknown partner had a son christened as Edward Hearn in Kensington in 1862.

Jeremiah Taylor junior and Augusta had the following children: William christened in Bushey in 1840; Athalia christened in Long Ditton, Sry in 1842; Benjamin and Mezalia christened in Acton, Mdx in 1845 and 1848; Mary Ann (Mirany) christened in Chiswick in 1851; Joseph christened in Ham, Sry in 1853; Christopher and Emily Georgina christened in Kensington in 1855 and 1861, with Ada apparently born between them about 1859. Of these William married first his fore-mentioned cousin, Kezia Dickson (at her wedding she didn’t name her father, Meshach Hearn, but it was witnessed by her uncle, Shadrach Hearn, and she named the last of her three children after her brother Bendigo); William then married a Lydia, and they christened eleven children in Kensington or Notting Hill. Athalia married first Joshua Cooper son of the famous Matty, and had five children by him, two christened as Taylors and another having his father recorded at his wedding as Joshua Taylor; after Joshua’s premature death Athalia married Fighting Sam Smith and is said to have had an Isabella by him. Christopher married Sarah Gaylor daughter of James and had at least nine children 1876-98, mostly christened in S Acton, Mdx. Ada married Richard Kimber son of William and christened ten Kimber children in Notting Hill 1877-97. And Emily Georgina married James Naylor son of William.

Joseph Taylor and Henrietta Martha (sometimes Hannah or Hannaretta) had the following children: Delilah christened in Offham in 1843; Elias born in Offham about 1845; Christopher christened in Chiswick in 1848; Elizabeth and Albert born in 1850 and 1852 and christened together in Chiswick in 1852; Henry born in Malden, Sry about 1854; George born in Egham about 1856; Emma christened in W Molesey, Sry in 1858; Alfred christened in Bushey in 1859; William christened in Kensington in 1862; and Thomas christened in W Molesey in 1867Of these George married Genti Cooper daughter of William in Kensington in 1881 but seems to have had no children; Albert by an unknown wife had a Mary Ann born about 1873, and in 1891 as a widower married a widow, Rebecca Lee daughter of John Lane; Elizabeth married William Clark and christened a Caroline in 1877; Henry married an Elizabeth and had at least five children 1879-91 mostly born or baptised in W Middlesex; Alfred married a Jane and had at least seven children 1885-97, again mostly in W Middlesex; Elias married first Selina Buckland daughter of Sabina (and allegedly Edmond Smith) and had three children by herin Surrey 1870-74; he subsequently married Louisa Cooper daughter of Francis and Alice and had at least a further twelve children 1882-1905, almost all in W Middlesex; and Delilah married James Draper son of Old Joe and had at least eight children 1866-85, christened first in W Middlesex and then in Herts and Essex.

Finally, Plato Taylor and Elizabeth had the following children: Lydia born about 1849, who married Henry Simpson in Hammersmith in 1867 and had three daughters 1868-72; Thomas christened in Stetchworth, Cambs in 1850, who married Henrietta Martha Giles in Stratford, Essex in 1870 and had at least nine children, mainly christened in Leytonstone, Essex; Alice christened in Claygate, Sry in1853; Pyramus, Emma and Henrietta Frances christened in Kensington 1857-58 (Emma married Edward Sydney Saunders, Henrietta Frances married Noah Parker son of John in 1877); Annie and Louisa christened in Claygate 1861-63 (Annie married Job Lawrence in Paddock Wood, Kent in 1881 and had a documented Henry, Swailes and Alfred Lawrence); Jeremiah christened in Kensington in 1865, who married Alderia White daughter of James in Pokesdown, Hants in 1891 and christened 1893-1906 five children (one jointly with a son of Jeremiah’s sister, Emma); and Delilah born in W London about 1867, who married (Liler daughter of Plato) James Port son of Thomas in Leytonstone in 1889 and had at least five Port children born in the counties north and south of the Thames favoured by the Egham Taylors for well over a century, and naming one of her children Jeremiah.

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