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Tiso Boswell

Eric Trudgill    -    27 May 2015

Tiso was baptised in Epping, Essex in 1778 son of Shadrach, and buried (after being struck by lightning with No Name Heron) in Tetford, Lincs in 1831. He had nine known children by Sophia Heron, daughter of Dick and cousin of No Name, and then married in Hull, Yks in 1823 Hannah Smith, the widow of James Williams and the mother-in-law by now of two of Tiso’s daughters. It’s not clear what happened to Sophia, but at her death in 1861 she was described by her youngest son as aged 100 and the widow of Tiso Boswell soldier, a reference to Tiso’s service in the Militia during the Napoleonic Wars, perhaps as a procurer of horses.

Tiso’s first child seemingly was Maria, baptised in Boxford, Sfk in 1799 daughter of Tusel Boswell and Sophia, late Herring. She married first David Williams son of James and Hannah, and second John Budd Gray, baptised in 1798. By the first she seems to have had the Harriet, born in Leeds, Yks about 1815 (close to where Tiso’s youngest brother was christened at that time), who became a co-wife with Maria of John Gray. By John Gray Maria had an Eliza, John, Obedience, Israel, Joshua and Susan: Eliza, Israel (possibly), Joshua and Susan made cousin marriages with children of Maria’s siblings, Silvester, Sage, Elizabeth and Lucy. For more details see my booklet on the Grays.

Tiso’s second known child was the just mentioned Elizabeth, baptised in 1803 as Elizabeth Franey Boswell (Franey being probably a form of Franeti). She married Job Williams son of James and Hannah, baptised in Whittington, Staffs in 1804. They christened the following Williams children: Bathsheba in Kirk Lewington, Yks in 1819, Lucy in Althorpe, Lincs in 1821, Nathan in Thorndale, Yks in 1823, Zealand in Ashby by Partney, Lincs in 1826, David in Warmfield, Yks in 1828 (son of Job and Frazenti, tinker of Lichfield, Staffs), Rebecca in Filey, Yks in 1829, Delenda in Hornsea, Yks in 1833, Alminia in Hutton Cranswick, Yks in 1835, Sophia in Royston, Yks in 1839, and Susanna in Harmston, Lincs in 1847. Of these Lucy married Frederick Heron/Young son of Thomas and Pizanna (Tiso Boswell’s niece): they christened Richenda Young in Walkington, Yks in 1846 and Shandras Young in Humbleton, Yks in 1847. Rebecca married William Stewart (son of Isaac and Jane, christened in 1832) in Ferry Hill, Durham in 1855, and had the following Stewart children: Delenda born about 1850, who married Elijah Wharton (son of John and Temperance, christened in 1841), their children all born in the US; Samson christened in Farington, Lancs in 1854, who married a Lamie; Isaac christened in Kirkby by Melling, Lancs in 1857; Louisa christened in Newton, Cheshire in 1859, and Priscilla and Alice born in the US about 1862 and 1867. And Delenda married Joshua Gray son of John and Maria in 1859, and christened (1860-74 all Grays) Inan, John, Nelson, Joshua, Samson, and Herbert; again for more details see my Gray booklet.

Tiso’s third known child probably was Lucy, born in Newmarket, Sfk I suspect about 1805. She was one of Riley Boswell’s three wives between about 1824 and 1842. She probably had by him Moellus christened in Tydd St Mary, Lincs in 1825 son of John, and Sylvester born about 1828, who married, son of Riley, Notovina Smith daughter of Elijah, in Kirkby, Lancs in 1851. She and Riley definitely had the Naomi christened in Wootton, Lincs in 1832 (jointly with Aggi aka Haggi/Isaac, Riley’s son by Shuransa Smith) who according to the gypsiologists married a Joseph Crabtree. And she and Riley surely had the Lydia/Elizabeth, born in Newmarket about 1837 who married Phoenix Taylor son of Richard Taylor and Lucy Lock, christened in 1835, and had eight children baptised or born in Wales or Cheshire; see my forthcoming booklet on the Locks. She and Riley surely had the Nelson born in Bigby, Lincs about 1840, who married a Sophia (not, as claimed, Sophia Heron daughter of Big Frank and Amy), and had a Louisa, Nelson and Samson born in the US between about 1867 and 1888. And Lucy and Riley surely had the Samson born in Nettleton, Lincs about 1849, who married Susan Gray daughter of John and Maria and had an Oliver, Delilah, Moellis and Phoebe born in the US between about 1867 and 1878.

Tiso’s fourth known child probably was Deletha, born I suspect about 1807, and buried in Tathwell, Lincs in 1840 aged 31. She married, I think her second cousin, Allen Boswell (son of Clark and Rhoda, christened in 1808), and they seem to have had only one child, Sampson christened in Frimley, Sry in 1838 (son of Allen and Lydia), who married a Patience Lee.

Tiso’s fifth known child was Sage, baptised in Portsea, Hants in 1809 daughter of Tisse and Sophia.She was said by the gypsiologists to have married Joseph Smith and had an Eldery Smith who married her cousin, Israel Gray son of John and Maria, though this would entail her being born by 1826, about ten years before her husband. Joseph and Sage certainly had an Angerina Smith christened in S Dalton, Yks in 1828, who married Newcome Boswell (son of Riley and Shuransa, christened in 1828), and had a Cashmere christened in Louth, Lincs in 1849. And Joseph and Sage certainly had a Fateegus Smith christened in Etton, Yks in January 1831, a posthumous child of Joseph and Sage.

Tiso’s sixth known child was Silvester, christened in Dover, Kent in 1812. Wester married first and briefly Sarah Heron (daughter of his father’s friend, No Name) christened in 1810. They seem to have had only one child, Bohemius Boswell, christened in W Keelby, Lincs in1832, who married Savina Lovell daughter of Ambrose and had seven children with documented births, 1854-68 (Elsie, Bohemius, Sinfi, Lavinia, Leanabel, Julia and Carnation) plus others as yet undocumented; see my booklet on the family of Daniel and Violetta Lovell. Wester married second Florence Chilcott daughter of John and Ruth. They christened Byron in Doddington, Cambs in 1839, who died in 1883 without issue; Mackenzie in Brentwood, Essex in 1842, who married his second cousin, Lorraine Young(daughter ofWilliam and Shurensi) in 1865 and had eight children 1865-84 (Allamina, Lily, Hameline, Gertrude, Burns, Hetty, Ethel and Harold); Oscar in Bray, Berks in 1844, who married his cousin, Eliza Gray daughter of John and Maria, and then Jane Warton, without issue; Julia in Sefton, Lancs in 1850, who married Elias Robinson son of Sampson in 1878, and had 1879-87 a Frederick, Alfred. Mabel, and Begonia; Wallace in Sutton, Cambs in 1853, who married Jemima Noyes daughter of James in 1886 and had 1887-94 a Gladys, Muriel, Mona and Leslie; Trafalgar in Plaistow, Essex in 1856, who married Athaliah Whatnell in 1878 and had 1879-1905 Lewis, Nathan, Bruce, Arthur, Eden, Gilbert, Joshua, Laura, Delenda, Silvester, another Lewis, Ida and John Wesley (the first three in Belfast, the rest like his siblings’ children mostly in Lancashire); and Laura in Burgh, Sfk in 1859. Wester’s one child not as yet documented in a baptism is Bruce, born about 1847 and seemingly without issue.

Tiso’s seventh child was Matilda, named after one of his sisters, christened in Nottingham St Mary, Notts in 1813 daughter of Tate and Sophia of the Mdx Militia, and dead by the following February.

Tiso’s eighth child was Edward, christened in Cottingham, Yks in 1815. Edward married Sarah Draper daughter of Israel in Liverpool St Nicholas, Lancs in 1846. Their first child was Dorelia, christened in Liverpool St Nicholas in 1847, who married a photographer James Barnes, son of John, in 1869 and had a Hiram born about 1869 and a Georgiana born about 1871, who married Edward Chilcott; in 1876 as Drusilla Barnes she married Albert Young (son of Perrin), and later as a widow emigrated to the US. Their next known children were Alma born about 1854, and Tobias born about 1856, who married Ada Lee (daughter of Thomas and Caroline) in 1900, having had by her a Harry, Montague, Daisy, Norman, Kitty and Clara in Blackpool, Lancs 1880-93, and who then had another three in Blackpool by a Jenny 1904-08. Edward and Sarah’s last known child was Emma christened in Skelmersdale, Lancs in 1859 (jointly with Alma), who married Ada Lee’s brother Edgar, and had a Noriana Lee christened in Astley Bridge, Lancs in 1879, a Horace born about 1881, a Florence May Lee christened in Preston St Mark, Lancs in 1885, who married Herbert Battye in 1907, and allegedly a Britannia who married Walter Bridge.

Tiso’s final child was Dorelia born in Acomb, Yks about 1820, who married Khulai Heron/Young son of Thomas and Pizanna. They christened in Yorkshire the following Youngs: Eubon in Cottingham in 1845, who married Isaac Heron’s daughter, Trenit; Thomas in Castleford in 1848; Edward in Collingham in 1850, who married Isabella Gray daughter of John and Harriet; Siarah in Yapham in 1853; and Nelson in Rudston in 1855. For more on how these Youngs connected with Tiso’s Boswells see my article on this web-site on Miller Heron.

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