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GF Jungeorge Florence Junior

Eric Trudgill    -    3 October 2015

George was baptised in Ilkeston, Dby in 1804 and again in Burton upon Trent, Staffs in 1807, son of George and Ann Florence (see the article I posted on George senior in Oct 2014). His first three children were baptised as the offspring of George and Tryphena; Hope Florence(a son) in Fillongley, Wks in 1822 (tinker of Cheadle, Staffs), Harriet Florence in Edingale, Staffs in 1824, and Evites Florence (a son) in Hints, Staffs in 1826.His next four children were baptised as the offspring of George and Lucy: Matilda Price in Stone, Staffs in 1827, Frederick Florence in Baswich, Staffs in 1829 (razor grinder of Burton upon Trent), Anna Rose Florence in Withington, Shrops in 1832, and Ashella Florence in Hodnet, Shrops in 1834. That we’re dealing here, not with different fathers and different mothers, but with one father with two surnames and one mother with two forenames, is clear from the baptisms of their last four children: two in Shropshire, Saney Florence in Church Eaton in 1836 and Henrietta Florence in Baschurch in 1839; and two in Staffs, Munro (often Manderew) Florence in Branshall in 1841 and Delia in Stowe in 1843. All the last four were baptised on several occasions as Florences but also less often as Prices; and the last of all, Delia, was christened as the daughter of George and Lucy Florence in one parish and as the daughter of George and Tryphena Florence in another on the same day (Swynnerton and Fulford, Staffs). Please note: faced with dozens of baptisms, sometimes involving different forenames for the same child, I have given for George’s children and grandchildren only the earliest baptism I currently know. And for an explanation of George’s use of Price as well as Florence, please consult the article I posted on Fighting Fred Price in Dec 2014. Four of George’s children, Harriet, Anna Rose, Henrietta and Delia may well have had partners and offspring I haven’t traced. Three of George’s children were unprolific: Hope, baptised in 1822, had at least two wives but seemingly no children; Matilda, baptised in 1827, married (as a Florence, daughter of George) Hope Price son of Frederick in Preston St John, Lancs in 1858, and had, it seems, only a Hope Price junior born about 1864; while Saney, baptised in 1836, had, it seems, onlya Henry Florence christened in Moreton Corbet, Shrops in 1855 son of Thomas and Sano, with no children yet proven by her second husband, Cornelius Price. But four of George’s children, Evites, Frederick, Ashella and Munro, it’s clear did have sizeable families. Evites Florence, baptised in 1826, married Jane O’Neill, and had the following children: John born in Chester, Cheshire about 1854; Jane christened in Chester St Werburgh in 1857, who perhaps died young; James and Barnard born in Chester about 1858 and 1860; Thomas born in Southport, Lancs about 1862; Evites junior born in Bolton, Lancs about 1867, and Jane born in Rochdale, Lancs about 1869. Frederick Florence, baptised in 1829, married a Maria, and christened the following children: Matilda in Whixall, Staffs in 1860, who married a Robert Price seemingly son of Robert, and had at least six Price children by him in Wales (Ashella, Nebuchadnezzar, Ruth, Fiance, Matilda and Violet); Priscilla in Shrewsbury St Mary, Shrops in 1862; Noah in Ruyton-XI-Towns, Shrops in 1865, who married Ellen Price daughter of Amos and Mary Ann, and had nine Florence children by her between about 1884 and 1903, christened mostly in Montgomeryshire and Shropshire (Noah junior, Amelia Maria, Frederick, Laurie, Ezekiel. Mandrew, Selina, Cornelius and John); Isabella, in Llanyblodwell, Shrops in 1870, who married Vernon Jones in Preston Gubbalds, Shrops in 1893, having had a Georgiana Florence christened in Leaton, Shrops the previous month daughter of Isabella; and Georgiana in Hartshill, Staffs in 1874, who married Nebuchadnezzar Price son of Robert in 1893 jointly with Isabella and Vernon, and had a Mary Ann Price christened in Penley, Flints in 1901. To these children of Frederick and Maria we can possibly add, before Matilda, the basketmaker George Florence, husband of Mary, who christened a Patience in Shrewsbury St Mary in 1876, and, between Noah and Isabella, a Frederick Florence junior, husband of Isabella, who christened a Maria in Llanyre, Radnorshire in 1889 (unless the mother here was Isabella Florence with a husband prior to Vernon). Ashella Florence, baptised in 1834, married Josiah Price son of Frederick and Ellen and christened the following children: Hope Price in Backford, Cheshire in 1854, who by Margaret Riley christened a Matilda and Ashella Price in Wales in 1879 and 1885 respectively, and by Sophia Jones christened a Cornelius and Fred Price in Wales in 1894 and 1900 respectively; Harriet Price in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire in 1856; Rosanna Price in Denbigh, Denbighshire in 1859, who married Richard Price son of Amos and Mary Ann; Matilda Price in Abernant, Caernarvonshire in 1861; Lucina Price in Longhor, Glamorgan in 1864, who married Cornelius Price son of Amos and Mary Ann; Josiah Price in Llantrisant, Glamorgan in 1866, who married an Isabella, and had a Josiah baptised as a Price in 1889, an Emily and a Rebecca baptised as Florences in 1896 and 1898, and a Merinda baptised separately as a Price and a Florence in 1892; a short-lived Caradoc Price christened in St Lytham, Glamorgan in 1875; and Fiance Price, christened in Lougharne, Caernarvonshire in 1879, who married Caradoc Price son of Caradoc and Emily. To these children of Josiah and Ashella we can clearly add Susan born in Carmarthen about 1862, Ruth born in Shropshire about 1870, who married Stephen Smith (alleged son of Edmund Heron but surely son of Samuel and Alice Smith), and Sophia born about 1872 or 1876, who married Cornelius Scarrett.. Finally, Munro (often Manderew) Florence, baptised in 1841, married first an Elizabeth and had an Ann, born in Holywell, Flintshire in 1861 and a Mandero christened in Chester St Mary in 1863. He married second an Agnes (perhaps a daughter of William and Miziporeth Smith) and had (all in Worcestershire) a Seth born in Kidderminster about 1865, Ezekiel Tennant Florence christened in Newland in 1870, plus Lucy and Esmeralda Florence christened in West Malvern in 1873 and 1874.

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