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Henry Manley

Eric Trudgill    -    2 January 2016

The Henry Manley in question was baptised in Wimborne Minster, Dorset and in nearby Colehill on the same day in 1825 son of William and Sarah.

William Manley, baptised in Honiton, Devon in 1778 son of John and Mary, possibly gorjers, married a Gypsy Sarah Fletcher (baptised in Owermoigne, Dorset in 1786 daughter of William and Sylvia), and died in Bradpole, Dorset in 1851, a chimney sweep.

William and Sarah christened seven children 1810-27 around either Bradpole and Bridport, west Dorset close to Devon, or Wimborne Minster and Wareham, east Dorset close to Hampshire (and to Sarahís family territory): Innecai Genteeler Manley baptised in Abbotsbury close to Bridport in 1810 (travellers), who was buried (Innakery Jantellar) in Wareham in 1812 (the priests tried hard); William Ansloe Manley baptised in both Bridport and Abbotsbury in 1811; Eliza Manley baptised in both Askerswell close to Bridport (traveller) and Blandford Forum close to Wimbourne Minster (pedlar of Allington [next to Bridport]) in 1814; James Manley baptised in Canford Magna close to Wimborne Minster in 1816 (travellers of Bridport); Matilda Manley baptised in both Corfe Castle close to Wareham in 1819 (hawker of Bridport) and Sturminster Marshall close to Wimborne Minster (traveller) in 1820; a short-lived Henry Manley baptised in 1822 like his successor in Wimborne Minster (lab) and Colehill on the same day, and finally the Henry Manley baptised in 1825.

The Henry baptised in 1825 married (sweep son of William) in Bridport in 1847 Matilda Wells (daughter of James cutler), Matilda having been baptised in Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset in 1822 daughter of James Wells and Ruth Small (razor grinder of Sturminster Newton). Henry and Matilda, seem to have been somewhat ďshortĒ travellers like his parents, restricting their movements for the most part to west Dorset around Bridport, plus a little in nearby Somerset and Devon.

They began with three daughters: Eliza christened in Toller Porcorum, Dorset (family territory) in 1845 daughter of an unnamed gypsy, Amelia christened in Misterton, Somerset in 1847 (travelling gypsy), and Elizabeth christened in Melplash, Dorset in 1849 (basket maker of Bridport); these were given in the 1861 census as Eliza 16, Malia 14, and Bieta 12 born in Netherbury, Dorset next door to Melplash. They then had three sons: Robert born in Somerset about 1852, William born in either Somerset or Devon about 1854, and James christened in Melplash in 1856 (basket maker of Bridport). Next came a short-lived Matilda christened in Bradpole in 1859; a short-lived Henry christened in Bridport in 1863 (tinman); Powers and Mary Ann born in the Bridport RD in respectively 1864 and 1866; and Charles born in Uplyme, Devon in 1870. Iíve managed to find offspring for most of these children, but itís still very much work in progress.

Eliza Manley, baptised in 1845, married Seth Small, born in Devon in 1845, son of her motherís cousin Powers Small. They had the following Small children (all of them given names of Elizaís siblings): Matilda born in Plymouth, Devon about 1874, Powers born in Plymouth in 1878, Betsy born in Clyst, Devon in 1881 (who married William James), Bertha (probably the same name as the Bieta given to Elizaís sister in the 1861 census) born in Totnes, Devon in 1883, and Robert born in Brixham, Somerset about 1885.

Amelia Manley, baptised in 1847, married a gorjer, John Henry Attewell in Fort Smith, Arkansas USA in 1874, having had together a Drusilla Manley christened in Binsted, Hants in 1867 daughter of a single woman of Bridport, a Richard born this side of the Atlantic in 1869 and a William born in Dallas, Texas US in 1873. John and Amelia then had a Dangerfield, Phyllis and Jemima born in the US in 1875, 1877 and 1879.

Elizabeth Manley, baptised in 1849, married (daughter of Henry, lab) a gorjer, Thomas Harvey (son of Thomas) in Bradpole in 1871, and had a Rosa Ann, Arthur and Walter Harvey, born in Pymore, Dorset between about 1875 and 1880.

Robert Manley, born about 1852, seems to have married an Ann and had a Matilda, named after his mother, christened in Tipton St John, Devon in 1873 (travelling), and married a Tranet and had a Henry, named after his father, christened in Somerton, Somerset in 1879 (vagrant).

William Manley, born about 1854, married (25 horsedealer son of Henry) Ophelia [Philly] Hughes (23 daughter of Robert horsedealer [and Sarah Davis]) in Offwell, Devon in 1882. They had a John born in Bampton, Devon about 1883, a William junior born in Woodbury Salterton or Aylesbeare, Devon about 1885, a Leonard born in Crewkerne or Chillington, Somerset about 1894, and a Robert born in Chardstock, Devon about 1897. The gap in Williamís children may be explained by the baptisms in family churches of two daughters of William and Susan Manley: Ada Manley in Bere Regis, Dorset in 1889 (travelling hawkers), and Daisy Manley in Crewkerne in 1894 (dealer of no fixed abode).

James Manley, christened in 1856, married Fiance (sometimes Florence or Sophia) Hughes, daughter of Robert and Sarah, in Offwell in 1882, and had a Sophia, Henry, Phyllis, James, Milly, Robert, Sarah, Vashti and Florry, born mostly in Somerset between about 1882 and 1905. Phyllis married (24 daughter of James, horsedealer) Gilbert Hewlett (24 hawker son of Francis, hawker) in Melcombe Regis, Dorset in 1911.

Powers Manley, born in 1864, married Britannia Roberts (Elizabeth and Beatrice in the census) daughter of Frederick and Rebecca, and had a Betsy christened in Crediton, Devborn in 1890, Fiance born in Chard RD in 1893, Matilda christened in Bere Regis in 1896 (horsedealer of Bridport, jointly with two children of Mark and Fiance Roberts, horsedealer of Crewkerne), Henry born in Chard RD in 1897, Eliza born in Honiton, Devon about 1899, William born in Chard RD in 1900, Martha born in Chard RD in 1902, James born in Axminster, Dev about 1905, and Maly (probably Amelia) born in Swayford, Somerset in 1911. Henry married Sophia Penfold in Okehampton, Devon in 1919.

Mary Ann Manley, born in 1866, married Edward Tucker, a hawker, son of William and Mary, and had a James, Fiance, Edward, Matilda, William, Harry, Polly, Louisa, John, Charles and Nelly Tucker, born in Devon or Somerset between about 1884 and 1911. Charles married Florry Packman.

Charles Manley, born in 1870, married (22 horsedealer son of Henry horsedealer) the sister-in-law of two of his brothers, Sarah Hughes (22 daughter of Robert horsedealer) in Offwell, Devon in 1891. They had a Patience born in Seaton, Devon about 1892, a Caroline born in Aylesbeare in 1894, a Charles, Sarah, Violet, and Harry born in Somerset between about 1896 and 1902; and a Phyllis, twins Rosy and Lily, Sophie, Jimmy, William and Vashti born in Devon between about 1905 and 1915. Patience married Mark Roberts son of Mark and Fiance, Caroline married John Shire, Sarah married William Harris, Harry married Vashti Penfold daughter of John and Ellen, Phyllis married Henry Newberry, Lily married William Kingdom, Jimmy married Gertrude Bellamy, and Vashti married Donald Kingdom.

The Henry Manley baptised in 1825 seems to have prospered from the days when he was merely a sweep like his father, and died in Branscombe, Devon in 1888, a horsedealer aged 64. His widow Matilda, recorded (as Emily) in Crewkerne in the 1891 census with her sons, James, Powers and Charles and their families, died in Colyton, Devon in 1899, 80 year old widow of Henry.

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