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Joiner Buckley

Eric Trudgill    -    3 July 2016

Joiner Buckley, baptised in Aveley, Essex in 1811, the son of Old Joe Buckley and Mary Skipper, married Sarah Smith (surely the daughter of Robert and Margaret also known as Senna) after her first husband, his brother Samuel Buckley (baptised in 1807) was sentenced to transportation in 1830. Joiner and Sarah had the following children: Justinia baptised in Boxted, Sfk in 1833 daughter of Jonah and Susan (plausibly the priest mis-transcribing his notes); Josiah baptised as a Bowdley in Herringswell, Sfk in 1835 son of Sarah Smith, travelling gypsy; Santalina born (near Boxted) in Colchester, Essex about 1837; Carnation born in Hargrave, Sfk in 1839 son of Joyner Buckley and Saney formerly Smith ; Emma baptised in Hepworth, Sfk in 1840 and presumably short-lived; Naomi born in Glemsford, Sfk in 1841; Arkles christened in Horringer, Sfk (near Herringswell and Hargrave) in 1843; Francis born in Nayland, Sfk in 1845; Noah born in Norton, Sfk in 1847; Bormillia birth-registered in Essex in 1849 as daughter of Joiner Buckley and Selina formerly Smith (like Naomi in 1841) and death-registered as Familier a few months later; and Nathan born in Fornham, Sfk in 1851 (baptised in 1851 and buried in 1855 as Ezekiel). The following detail outlines my present knowledge of Joiner’s children apart from Santalina, whom I’ll cover next July.

Justinia Buckley, baptised in 1833, married the famous Woodlock Smith (christened in 1833 son of James and Elizabeth) and had by him Celia Smith, christened in Hockley, Essex in 1857. They legalized their union in Shepherds Bush, Mdx in 1862, Woodlock recorded as Woodlark and Justinia as a Smith (her unmarried mother’s surname) daughter of Jinah Buckley. In the mid 1860s, however, Woodlock seems to have briefly taken up with an unknown woman and had the Edward Smith who claimed to be his 28 year old son when marrying Alice Sharp in 1896, and Justinia certainly took up briefly with Thomas Shoesmith, previously married to Martha Alford daughter of Hezekiah, and had by him an Owen born in Wymondham, Nfk 4/1/1866 and a Hezekiah (named after Thomas’ previous father-in-law) born in Wymondham about 1868. In 1871 Justinia appeared in the census with Woodlock and Celia (but not Edward, who was perhaps with his mother) and ostensibly Woodlock’s Owen and Hezekiah; in 1872 she and Woodlock christened a Lamertine in Cambridge Primitive Methodist, Cambs, and about 1879 it seems they had a Matilda. After Woodlock’s death in 1882 Justinia married Haley Harris, son of William, in Offham, Kent in 1886.

Josiah Buckley, baptised in 1835 and buried in 1873, married Alice Smith, Woodlock’s sister, in Offham in 1869. They had the following children: Walter born about 1857 and Lemantina born in Gt Ilford, Essex in 1859, christened together as Smiths in Walthamstow, Essex in 1859 (Walter married Emily Taylor daughter of Elias in Thundersley, Essex in 1874, Lemantina died in 1864); Arthur born in Heydon, Cambs in 1862 and Sidney born about 1864, christened together as Buckleys in Offham in 1864 (Arthur married Adeline Buckley daughter of Santalina and had a Genty, Emily, William, Lazarus, Oati, Algar and Henry between about 1887 and 1899; Sidney married an Emily and had an Albert, Ocean and Florence baptised as Smiths 1886-1893, the last jointly with William Smith son of Arthur and Adeline); Goliath (Elias) Buckley christened in Offham in 1867; and Ebenezer born in Loughton, Essex about 1869.

Carnation (Gonation) Buckley, baptised in 1839, married (as Carnation son of Jiny) his sister-in-law, Josiah Buckley’s widow, Alice Smith (widowed daughter of James) in Thundersley in 1873. They had the following children: Lazarus, born about 1872, and Ada, christened jointly in Gt Maplestead, Essex in 1874; Agnes and Matilda, born in the Rochford RD in 1876 and 1878; Florence born in the West Ham RD in 1880 and Prudence born in Plaistow, Essex in 1882. Of these Lazarus married Elizabeth Shaw daughter of William, and had the following children: Corolinda, born in West Ham, Essex in 1890, who married Santalina Buckley son of the first Santalina’s Perrin; Beatrice born about 1891, who married William Webb; Matilda born in W Tilbury, Essex in 1894, who married James Livermore; Oatie born about 1896; Goliath (Elias) christened in Chigwell Row, Essex in 1898; Leonard born about 1900, who married Lenda Bibby; Mary born about 1902; Pendavella, born in 1904, who married Queenie Loveridge; Benjamin born about 1906; Adolphus born in 1909, who married Kathleen Lamb; Ezekiel born in 1912; and Jeremiah born in 1914 (christened with Adolphus and Ezekiel in Eastwood, Essex in 1914), who married Winifred Turner. Lazarus’ sister Matilda married Samson Williams, and had an Ada Williams christened jointly in 1898 with Lazarus’ Goliath, and a John Williams born about 1900. Lazarus’ sister Florence married William Chignell in Eastwood in 1904, and had a Lavinia Chignell christened in Eastwood in 1905, plus an Olby and Arthur, born in the next four years. And Lazarus’ sister Prudence married William Mizen in Lambourne, Essex in 1899, and had a Mary Jane, Eliza, Agnes, Lily and Joseph Mizen by 1910

Naomi Buckley, born in 1841, married James Taylor (son of William Taylor and Sarah Robinson) in Stow Longa RO, Sfk in 1861. They had the following Taylor children: Algar born (Halgar) in Foxearth, Ess in 1862; Beatrice christened in Shelfanger, Nfk in 1864; Ocean christened in Offham in 1867; Selina christened in Shelfanger in 1868; Theodore, Elizabeth, Harris and Alfred born in Plaistow between about 1871 and 1879; and Isabella christened in Offham in 1881 (hawker of Plaistow). Of these Algar married Naomi Lee daughter of Bartholomew in 1879 and had a James, Mabel, Ocean, Theodore, Elvina and Dora Taylor born by 1895 and a Susan Taylor christened in Canning Town, Essex in 1891

Arkles (Hercules) Buckley, baptised in 1843, married first Genti Gray (christened in 1835 daughter of Osery and Eliza) in West Ham Holy Trinity, Essex in 1869, and second a Sarah Draper. By Genti he surely had, using his mother’s surname, a short-lived Sardinia Smith christened in Shelfanger in 1868 daughter of John and Gentenia, three days after his sister Naomi Buckley had christened a child in the same church.

Francis Buckley, born in 1845, married first Elvina Williams, daughter of David and Mahalia, in Notting Hill, Mdx in 1869, and married second, a few months after Elvina’s death, Agnes Boswell (christened in 1858 daughter of Levi and Mary Ann) in Harrow Green, Essex in 1882. He and Elvina had the following children: Messalina (sometimes Mercy, Selina or Lena) christened in Kensington, Mdx in 1867; Leonard born in Suffolk about 1868; Albert born in Plaistow about 1871, Duriah (sometimes Uriah or Duey) born in Thundersley in 1873; Bertha and Ambrose, christened in Canning Town in 1876 and 1878; and a short-lived Joiner born in Plaistow in 1881. Of these Messalina married Job Lee son of Abraham and Mary in Canning Town in 1894, and had 1887-1913 a Maudie, Britannia, Job, Leonard, Patience, Matilda, Rose, Jessie, Mackenzie, Walter and Mizelli (all Lees and mostly christened in Canning Town). Duriah married Annie Lee in Canning Town in 1903, and had an Elvina and Eva christened in Barking, Essex 1908-10. Bertha married Edmund Lee son of Noah and Maria in Bexley, Kent in 1898. And Ambrose married Athalia Hearn in West Ham Register Office in 1904, and christened a Lydia in 1908. Francis and Agnes had the following children: Richenda christened in Plaistow in 1883; Sophia christened in Canning Town in 1887; Malvina born in Sidcup, Kent about 1889; Eva born in Canning Town about 1891; Amy christened in W Tilbury in 1894; and Thomas christened in Canning Town in 1897.

Finally, Noah Buckley, baptised in 1847, married Susan Smith belatedly in Rayleigh Baptist Chapel, Essex in 1908, having had the following children: Sarah, Mary Ann, Hannah and Alice, all born in Maldon, Essex about 1865-74; Noah junior born in Gt Yeldham, Essex about 1877; Justinia born in Maldon about 1880; and Beatrice christened in Hopton, Sfk in 1883. Of these Noah junior married his cousin, Norah Buckley daughter of Santalina, in Gt Ilford, Essex in 1900, and had a Finnemore born in 1904. Justina seems to have married a George and christened an Algar Buckley in Orpington, Kent in 1898. And Beatrice married Dennis Moore in Vange, Essex in 1909 and had a Finney Moore born in Braintree, Essex soon after.

I’ve been grateful, writing this article, to Terence Lee and to Bob Collins for their invaluable, ground-breaking work on the Buckleys.

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