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Landor Smith

Eric Trudgill    -    4 September 2016

Landor was baptised in Tamworth, Staffs in 1834 son of Thomas and Mary, and he died in Farnworth, Lancs in 1897, death registered as Orlando Smith aged 64 and with the informant his son Sampson.

The gypsiologists claimed that his father Thomas was a Lee and his mother a Lovell alias Smith known as Polly Tottles, but all we can say with certainty is that Lander appeared as Leander Lee in Birmingham, Wks in the 1851 census aged 16, with his mother Mary Lee aged 40 and born in Repton, Derbyshire, and that he subsequently appeared in court and at his childrenís baptisms as both Lee and Smith (none of his children as adults, however, appears to have used the name Lee).

The gypsiologists also claimed that Landor married a Mudi or Modiwen (Burton upon Trent St Modiwen was a prominent church in his home county Staffs), and also that Modiwen herself may have been a Lee or Smith or Boswell, but all we can say with certainty is that Landor baptised one child twice (with the mother recorded as first Madila and then Maria), two children once (with the mother recorded as Sarah) and two children once (with the mother recorded as Lizzie). Given that Landor appeared in Ashton under Lyne, Lancs in the 1871 census with a wife recorded as Elizabeth (born about 1840) and their children Sampson, Henry, Emma and Mary, he may have had two or three wives, but itís more likely he had one with three names. Hereís what I currently know about his children.

Sampson, born in Warwickshire about 1855, married Emma Mitchell in the Dudley RD in 1871, and had a Walter born in Walsall Wood, Staffs about 1874, an Ellen born about 1877, an Albert christened as a Smith in Salford Stowell Memorial, Lancs in 1883, and a Henry born in Salford about 1885.

Henry, baptised as a Lee in Fillongley, Wks in 1858 son of Lander and Madila (gypsy) and in Tamworth, Staffs in 1859 son of Lander and Maria, married as a Smith (21 son of Lander horse dealer) Myrene Smith (25 daughter of Archilus horse dealer) in Rochdale Register Office in 1888. They had the following children: Edgar Smith christened in Salford Stowell Memorial in 1884 son of Henry and Marianne, who married Susanna Lewis in the Oldham RD in 1906; Beattie Smith christened in Farnworth St Stephen, Lancs in 1886 daughter of Henry and Miranne, who married Arthur Smith; Rosetta Smith christened in Rochdale St Chad, Lancs in 1888; Emily Smith born in Rochdale in 1890, who married Rodney Shaw son of Elias and Sophia in W Derby RD in 1915; Harold born in Hollinwood, Lancs about 1893; Horace born in Stalybridge, Lancs about 1896; Henry born in Yorkshire about 1901; and allegedly a Misella.

Emma, baptised as Emily Lee in Hammerwich, Staffs in 1861 daughter of Lander and Sarah (gypsies of Burntwood), married Charles Boswell son of Nelson and Eldery christened in Stapenhill, Dby in 1861. They had the following children: Edna Boswell born in Derbyshire about 1882, who married Dover Young son of Noah and Rodi; Scholes Ophelia Boswell christened in Chadderton, Lancs in 1893, who married John Douglas in Pontypool RD in 1914; Shandras Boswell christened in Eccleston, Lancs in 1897 (gypsy basket maker)), who married Patience Smith daughter of Henry and Martha; plus allegedly a Maud, Arthur, and an Elias who married Daisy Boswell.

Gerania, baptised as a Lee in Drayton Bassett, Staffs in 1865 daughter of Lander and Sarah (tinman and brazier of Bilston) seems to have died the following year (she did not appear with Sampson, Henry, Emma and Mary in the 1871 census).

Mary, born about 1868, married John Boswell son of Alfred and Hannah, born in Staffs about 1847. They had Miriam Boswell christened in Chesterton, Staffs in 1887, Anne Boswell christened in Chadderton in 1891, Lander Boswell christened in Eccleston in 1895 (who died in the First World War), and allegedly a Polly, Alfred, Thomas, Kenza and Albert.

Morena, baptised as a Smith in Walsall Wood in 1875 daughter of Llander and Lizzie, allegedly married a horse dealer named Bateman.

Fuchsia, born in Walsall Wood about 1877 and christened as a Smith in Hamstall Ridware, Staffs in 1878 daughter of Lander and Lizzie, married (Fuchsia Smith 36 daughter of Orlando, deceased hawker) Joseph Rogerson (38 son of Andrew, hawker) in Warrington St Elphin, Lancs in 1913. They had the following children: Evelyn born in Stockport, Cheshire about 1896; James Rogerson born in Stockport and christened in Radcliffe, Lancs in 1898 (licenced hawker in a travelling caravan); Andrew born in Stockport about 1900; Edna May Rogerson born in the Salford RD in 1903; William born about 1905; and perhaps Dorothy and Angelina born about 1907-1910.

Finally Edna, born in Walsall Wood about 1879, about whom I know nothing.

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