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Robert Gully Small

Eric Trudgill    -    2 October 2016

Robert Small, baptised in Charlton Musgrove, Somerset in 1814 son of Robert and Charlotte brazier, married Rhoda Cooper, baptised in Evershot, Somerset in 1812 daughter of Henry and Easebe (for information about their birth families see my Tracing Back series Numbers 31 and 38). Robert died (Robert Gully Small on his death certificate) in Plymouth, Devon in 1884, Rhoda in St Peter Port, Guernsey in 1906.

Baptisms have been found for five of their children: for John in Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset in 1834 (razor grinder of Evershot), Samuel in Shebbear, Devon in 1835, Rhoda junior in High Bickington, Devon in 1840 daughter of Robert Gully and Rhoda, Mary Jane in Plymstock, Devon in 1843, and Robert junior in St Enoder, Cornwall in 1847 (gypsy). And Rhoda senior was gaoled for vagrancy in Bodmin, Cornwall in 1864 with four daughters recorded as Jane Gentilla aged 16, Cinderella 15 (born in Falmouth, Cornwall in 1849 according to her birth certificate), Rosella 13 and Eliza 10, plus an unnamed child aged 8, who was probably a granddaughter. To these we can add the Charlotte Neill, wife of George, with Rhoda senior in the 1901 census, and almost certainly the Elizabeth Small who married the well-known Plato Buckland. This is how I currently see the family (I’m grateful for the help I’ve received from other researchers, and would welcome more).

John Small, baptised in 1834, married (22 son of Gully) in St Helier, Jersey in 1859 Jane Wells (30 daughter of Benjamin [baptised in Holnest, Dorset in 1826 daughter of Benjamin and Ann]). They’d previously had an Odessa (born in Devon in 1856 and christened in St Helier in 1858, who was to marry John Nicholls in Penzance, Cornwall in 1896 after having at least six of his children) and were to have a Phoebe born in Bridport, Dorset in 1864.

Samuel Small, baptised in 1835, married Elizabeth Shaddock daughter of John and Elizabeth, and had the following children: Robert born in Exeter, Devon about 1855, who married Beatrice Glide in Totnes RD in 1880; Merilla born in Pelynt, Cornwall about 1857; Ruth, John, perhaps William Henry, Spring and Walter, all born in Jersey about 1861-71; Richard born in Plymouth about 1874, who married Kate Clark in Sydney, Australia in 1899; and Samuel and Gentilla born in Jersey about 1876-78.

Charlotte Small, born in Hatherleigh, Devon about 1837, married first informally Samuel Boswell, baptised in Carew, Pembroke in 1833 son of Abraham and Unity, and second in St Helier in 1880 George Neill son of Dora Grainger. By Samuel she had the following Boswell children: Samuel junior born in Bridgewater, Somerset in 1859; Henry born in Jersey about 1861, who married Emily Sinclair; Alice born in Helston, Cornwall about 1863; William born in Guernsey about 1865, who married first Alice de Quetteville in St Helier in 1887, and second informally Lavinia Nicholls daughter of his cousin Odessa; Cicely born about 1867, who married Henry Crowley; Virginia Edith christened in Torpoint, Cornwall in 1869 and buried in Medron, Cornwall in 1870; Mary born in Redruth, Cornwall in 1871, who married her cousin Robert Small (son of Robert and Alice) in St Helier in 1891; Nehemiah born in Launceston, Cornwall in 1873 and christened in Plymouth in 1877; and Arthur born in 1875. By George Neill Charlotte had Mabel Clarissa Maud Neill, born in St Helier in 1880.

Elizabeth Small, almost certainly a daughter of Robert and Rhoda born in Devon about 1839, married Plato Buckland (baptised in Harringworth, Northants in 1839 son of Thomas and Damaris), and had the following Buckland children: Mazelly born in the US (seemingly in 1860 around the time her parents applied for a marriage licence in Ohio), who died in Kea, Cornwall in 1862; Jenty (perhaps named after Jane Gentilla Small) christened in Kea in 1863, who married William Penfold son of Robert in Plymouth St Andrew in 1887; Joshua born in Cornwall about 1865, who married Selina Penfold, and had a Betsy christened in Plympton, Devon in 1887; Sophia christened in Stokenham, Devon in 1867, who married first James Penfold son of Robert in Plymouth St Andrew in 1887, and then in America Sanford Palmer; Keziah born in Cornwall about 1869; Tryphena born in Warwick- shire about 1872; and Eliza christened in Collaton, Devon in 1878, Coralina in Yealmpton, Devon in 1881, and Thomas in Plympton in 1884.

Rhoda Small, baptised in 1840, married Thomas Buckland, born about 1841 (son of George Buckland and Sarah Smith, and brother of Tennant, Misella and another Plato), who had previously married Comfort Smith in Banbury Register Office, Oxf in 1861, and had two children by her (a short-lived Mizella Buckland christened in Banbury in 1860 and a Nelson born there about 1862). After his marriage to Comfort ended Thomas seems to have joined his cousin Plato Buckland, husband of Elizabeth, in Devon (they were prosecuted together in 1868 with Cinderella Small) and had two children by her (another Rhoda born about 1865 in Jersey where Robert Gully’s Samuel was especially prominent in the 1860s) and another Misella born about 1867. We find Thomas and Rhoda Buckland in the 1871 census, with their children Nelson, Rhoda and Misella, in Newbury Berks, on Thomas’ home territory. And after Thomas’ marriage to Rhoda ended we find him in 1873 registering the birth of his son Plato by his third wife, Sarah Hoadley daughter of James and Priscilla, in Aston, Warwickshire (Sarah’s home territory), but in 1879 registering another of their sons, Tenant, in Buckland, Devon (the home territory of the Smalls he and his cousin Plato had married into).

Mary Jane Small, baptised 26/3/1843, married Edward Lucey, and is said to have had a Lily Jane and a Francis. She died in St Helier in 1903.

Jane Gentilla Small, born in Torquay, Devon about 1845, married John Grigg in Redruth in 1873, had Elizabeth Maud Grigg about 1877 (who married George Dowling Tozer in Guernsey in 1911), and died in St Peter Port, Guernsey in 1924.

Robert Small, baptised in 1847, married (very late) Alice Mitchell (born in Penryn, Cornwall in 1848 daughter of Philip and Margaret) in Penzance in 1896. They had the following children: Robert Henry born in St Pierre Point, Guernsey in 1869, who married his cousin Mary Boswell in 1891; Maria born in St Columb, Cornwall about 1872, who married Thomas Thuron; Joseph born in Redruth about 1874, who married Annie Dell in Redruth RD in 1893; Ernest/Erwin born in Redruth about 1876 and christened in St Dennis, Cornwall in 1878 (along with his three older siblings), who married his cousin Odessa’s daughter, Beatrice Nicholls; Aaron christened in Redruth St Uny in 1881 as he was dying one year old; Beatrice Emily born about 1882, and Florence born about 1884, christened together in Redruth St Uny in 1884 (Beatrice married George Trethowan, Florence married Frederick Hoskins); Samuel born in Redruth about 1886; and Arthur born in Redruth in 1890.

Cinderella Small, born in 1849, married Henry Small (20 son of Moses [and Caroline]) in Penzance in 1876. They don’t seem to have had children, and as early as 1881 we find Cinderella seeking a Protection Order against her husband (who’d deserted her).

Rosella Small, born about 1851, married Surrender Lovell (born in Dowlais, Glamorgan in 1847 son of Frederick and Carnation) in Helston RD in 1876. They christened Joshua, Adolphus Reuben and Cinderella Lovell in Plymouth St Peter in 1879, 1884 and 1886, they had a Robert born in Plymouth about 1881, a Carnation Lovell who was born and died in Plymouth RD in 1891, and a Lementina born in Glamorgan about 1893, plus a number of other children born in Wales.

Finally, Eliza Small, born about 1853, possibly married a Stanley, though I’ve found no evidence to support this.

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