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Charles Davis

Eric Trudgill    -    6 November 2016

In the Tracing Back article (Number 30) I posted in November 2015 I suggested George Davis who was much associated with Gt Wolford, Wks from 1768, and perhaps earlier, had a brother William Davis who married a Sarah and had a Charles, Eleanor and Lazarus: Charles, husband of Mary and probably father of a Charles junior who claimed to be of Wolford when christening a child in Oxfordshire in 1813; Eleanor born about 1783, who claimed to be of Wolford when marrying in 1801, and christened a child in Wolford in 1818; and Lazarus baptised in Wolford in 1785, who claimed to be of Wolford when christening a child in 1826.

Eleanor and Lazarus look very much like siblings: they married eight years apart in the same church (Banbury, Oxf) and into the same family (their spouses being Joseph and Priscilla Loveridge); Joseph and Eleanor Loveridge christened a Priscilla in 1811, and Lazarus and Priscilla Davis an Eleanor in 1816. Lazarus and Charles also look very much like siblings: Lazarus christened a Charles, and though Charles didn’t christen a Lazarus, at least two and probably three of his sons did, one of them having had Lazarus, not his father, witness his wedding in 1820.

And Charles and Eleanor look very much like siblings: that 1820 wedding, in Shipton under Wychwood, Oxf, of Charles’ son Joseph Davis and Charlotte Loveridge (witnessed by Lazarus and Rose Davis) was held jointly with the wedding of Charles’ daughter Trainet Davis and William Loveridge (witnessed by James and Elizabeth Loveridge), and followed in the same church in 1825 by the wedding of, I think, Charles’ daughter Rose Davis and Jonathan Hunt (witnessed by Joseph’s wife, Charlotte Davis, and Trainet’s husband, William Loveridge), and in 1832 by the wedding of Charles’ daughter Esther Davis and Henry Smith (witnessed by William and Trainet Loveridge). I’m sure these Loveridges were part of Eleanor’s family before they became part of Charles’.

Charles was also pretty clearly the senior of the three siblings: he christened a child in 1798 (not I suspect his first), three and a half years before Eleanor christened her first and twelve years before Lazarus christened his; and the other two may well have followed him into N Oxfordshire (the 1798 baptism, in Chipping Norton, Oxf, was followed by Eleanor’s Banbury wedding in 1801 and two Chipping Norton baptisms 1803-05, plus Lazarus’ Chipping Norton baptism in 1812), with Lazarus at least later following Charles and his family into Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

Charles and Mary Davis are known to have christened the following children: Jonas in Chipping Norton in 1798 (trampers), Joseph in Stratton Audley, Oxf in 1801 (travellers), James in Chadlington, Oxf in 1807, and Esther in Kidlington, Oxf in 1814 (travelling tinker of Gt Milton). To these I think we can add Charles junior born perhaps about 1796, Trainet born in Witney, Oxf about 1803, Rose born perhaps about 1805, Ambrose born perhaps about 1809, and Noah born in Gloucestershire about 1818. I’ve found no marriage for Jonathan or definite children for Rose and Esther, but a fair bit on the others.

Charles jun, born perhaps about 1796, married an Ann and christened Sally in Westcot Barton, Oxf in 1813 (travellers of Wolford, Wks), Henry in Sandhurst, Glos in 1817 (travelling brazier), and John and perhaps Arthur (the entry is hard to read) in Wolford in 1820 and 1822 respectively (pedlars).

Joseph, baptised in Stratton Audley in 1801, who married Charlotte Loveridge in 1820, christened Charles in Gt Coxwell, Berks in 1824 (travelling cork cutter of Stratton Audley), Lementina in Westcot Barton in 1826 (travelling), Mary in Bishopstone nr Shrivenham, Wilts in 1829 (buried aged five in Latton, Wilts in 1834, travellers), Betsy in S Cerney, Glos in 1831, and Lazarus in Lydiard Millicent, Wilts in 1833 (traveller of Highworth).

Trainet, born perhaps about 1803, who married William Loveridge in 1820, christened the following Loveridge children: Joseph in Kidlington, Oxf, in 1821, who married Elizabeth Coffee; Esther in Gt Coxwell, in 1825, who married Matthew Loveridge in 1846 (and was travelling in 1861 with the James Davis baptised in 1807); James in Southrop, Glos in 1826; Henry in Kempsford, Glos in 1829, who married an as yet unidentified Elizabeth Davis; Susan in Salford, Oxf in 1831; Moses in Gt Coxwell in 1833; Mary in Stratton, Wilts in 1838; and Charles in Shipton under Wychwood in 1843, who married Mary Loveridge in 1863. To these we can add the Eliza Loveridge, born about 1823, who married (daughter of William) Silverthorn Smith in 1840.

James, baptised in Chadlington in 1807, married a Sarah and christened the following children: Alice in Boddington, Glos in 1833 (travelling tinman); Lazarus in Charlton Kings, Glos in 1835 (died in 1837); Elizabeth in Chadlington in 1837, who seems to have married a Charles who went as a Davis but probably wasn’t; Edwin in Wootton, Berks in 1840, who married Mary Ann Holland; Valentine in Shipton under Wychwood in 1842 (daughter here of William and Sarah, travelling brazier, but daughter of James when marrying Cornelius Loveridge in 1875, and her first child was a Matilda); Matilda in Fulbrook, Oxf in 1847 (buried aged 15 in 1862 in Bicester, Oxf of Chadlington); Rissevi in Fifield, Oxf in 1849 (tinker from Chadlington); and Jonas in Fifield in 1852 (tinman).

Ambrose, born perhaps about 1809, married a Mary Ann and christened Esther in Willersey, Glos in 1829 (tinker), Emma in Bishops Cleeve, Glos in 1834 (tinker and brazier of Lt Wolford, Wks), and Hephzibah in Bishops Cleeve in 1837 (tinker of [nearby] Southam).

Noah, born about 1818, married first an Esther and had a Mary christened in Bishops Cleeve in 1845 (tinman), and a Lazarus born probably in Gloucestershire about 1847, who married a Freedom. He married second Fanny Todd, daughter of John, a chimney sweep, in Bristol St Matthias, Glos in 1874, having had the following children: Noah jun born in Cricklade, Wilts in 1858, who married Mary Ann Wood in 1877; Jane christened in Chisledon, Wilts in 1861; Vashti Sarah christened in Chisledon in 1863, who married Thomas Smith, grandson of the famous Neptune, in 1882; James born in Swindon, Wilts about 1867, who married Rosina Draper in 1895; and William born in Highworth, Wilts about 1869.

There are good reasons for seeing Charles and Mary as the parents of the above Charles, Trainet, Rose, Ambrose and Noah, but of course we still need documentary proof (good reasons are sometimes not good enough). If you can supply proof or disproof, please get in touch.

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