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Giles Bowers

Eric Trudgill    -    29 December 2016

Giles Bowers was baptised in Gt Bookham, Sry in 1798 son of Arthur and Jane. His siblings included an Ephraim baptised in 1787 and a Jane baptised in 1793, plus surely the John Bowers, born about 1795, who married a Mary and fathered, besides an Ephraim, the well-known Walker who married Maria/Myra James. Giles married (son of Arthur, sweep) Mary Snellar (christened in Bosham, Ssx in 1802 daughter of Abraham and Mary), both of full age, in Brixton St Matthew, Sry in 1842.

They christened the following children: Arthur in Headley, Sry in 1818 (hawker of Bookham), Violetta in Gt Bookham in 1820, Mary Ann in Winchfield, Hants in 1822 (chairbottomer of Bookham near Leatherhead), Giles jun in Alfold, Sry in 1824, Elijah in Leatherhead, Sry in 1826, Noah in Send and Ripley, Sry in 1834, a seemingly short-lived Maria in Worplesdon, Sry in 1836 (traveller from Gt Bookham), Charles in Eartham, Ssx in 1838, a seemingly short-lived James in Walton on Thames, Sry in 1841, Alfred in S Stoneham, Hants in 1844, Mary Maria [Mary Ann in the 1881 census, and perhaps a replacement for the prematurely dead Maria christened in 1836] in Farnham, Sry in 1846, and Henry in Farnham in 1848 (licenced hawker, as in 1846).

To these we can add the Jane Bowers, born in Bookham about 1828, who married (daughter of Giles hawker) James Pannell (hawker son of James) in Farnham in 1846, and the John Bowers, born in Petersfield, Hants about 1832, who married (22 son of Giles) Catherine Clarke (19 daughter of Edward) in Farnham in 1856.

Arthur Bowers, baptised in 1818, married Rebecca Guy (baptised in Petersfield in 1822 daughter of Joseph and Priscilla), in Portsea RD in 1840. They had an Arthur jun born about 1843, an Alfred born about 1845 who married a Sarah, a Mary born about 1852, a Charlotte christened in Hale, Sry in 1856 who married a William, and an Ellen, Richard and Anne born about 1858-63

Violetta Bowers, baptised in 1820, seemingly married a Light (John Bowersí wedding to Catherine Clarke in 1856 was witnessed by his brother-in-law, James Pannell, and a Violetta Light), but Iíve found no children.

Mary Ann Bowers, baptised in 1822, married James Botten (son of James, licenced hawker) in Mitcham, Sry in 1842, and died in Croydon RD in 1844; Iíve found no children.

Giles Bowers, baptised in 1824, married Ellender [often Lenda] Shurlock (daughter of William, labourer) in Farnham in 1846, jointly with James Pannell and Jane Bowers (the two couples acting as witnesses for each other). They had a Frederick born about 1850, who probably married a Caroline, a Noah born in 1855, who married Lavinia Barney daughter of Vandelo and Alice, a Patience and Job born about 1857-61, and a short-lived George Nelson, christened in Southwick, Hants in 1863.

Elijah Bowers, baptised in 1826, died in Croydon RD in 1844.

Jane Bowers, born about 1828, married James Pannell in Farnham in 1846. They had the following Pannell children: Mary Ann, James and Giles born about 1847-51, William christened in Farnham in 1853 (hawker), Arthur and Abraham born about 1855-63, Harriet christened in Hale in 1865, and Emma born in 1870.

John Bowers, born about 1832, married Catherine Clarke in Farnham in 1856, and may have had a Mary by her born about 1869.

Noah Bowers, baptised in 1834, married Mary Ann Broomfield (18 daughter of John, labourer) in Hale in 1859. They had an Albert Elijah christened in W Molesey, Sry in 1862, a Noah christened in E Peckham, Kent in 1864, who married Mary Annie Mayhew in Southampton RD in 1888, a Frederick Henry born about 1867, who married Rhoda Light daughter of Samson in Lymington RD in 1893, a Walter christened in Binsted, Hants in 1869, who married Georgina Stanley in S Stoneham RD in 1900, a John christened in Binsted in 1871 who married a Susan, an Alfred christened in E Peckham in 1873, who married Edith Stokes (daughter of Thomas Stokes and Phoebe Hughes) in Hartley Wintney RD in 1899, a Louisa born about 1875, who married Charles Ayres in S Stoneham RD in 1903, a Patience christened in Sholing, Hants in 1878, who married Albert Jerrim in S Stoneham RD in 1900, a Giles born about 1880, who married Charlotte Page in S Stoneham RD in 1916, a John born in 1883, who married Betsy White, a George Edward christened in Selborne, Hants in 1886, who married Rose Castle in S Stoneham RD in 1915, and a Lenda born in S Stoneham RD in 1887 (and christened as Linda Jubilee in Binsted in 1891), who married Leonard Martin in S Stoneham RD in 1912.

Alfred Bowers, baptised in 1844, married first an Eliza Warner, and had a short-lived Alfred jun born in Aldershot, Hants in 1869, a Henry christened in Binsted in 1872, who married Phoebe Hughes (25 daughter of Joseph) in Midsummer Norton, Somerset in 1898, a Mary Ann christened with Henry in 1872, an Eliza and Ann born about 1874 and 1880, and perhaps a Harriet christened in Sullington, Ssx in 1884. After his first wife died in Somerset in 1890 Alfred married Emma Lamb (christened in Addlestone, Sry in 1869 daughter of Jane), whose first husband, Eli White, died in Somerset in 1896. Alfred and Emma had at least seven children, born in the West Country by 1910: Phoebe, Noah, another Alfred jun, Emily, Ambrose, Caroline and Giles.

Mary Maria Bowers, baptised in 1846, married George Chatt, born about 1831, in Farnham in 1864. They had the following Chatt children: Alfred Henry christened in Farnham in 1865, John and Elijah born about 1866-69, the possibly short-lived Eliza christened in Aldershot in 1871, Mary Maria christened in Tongham, Sry in 1873, and Susan, Avenletchar (female) and James born about 1875-79.

Finally, Henry Bowers, baptised in 1848, married a Harriet (possibly Harriet Davis in Malling RD in 1870), and had a Mary Ann (christened jointly in 1872 with Henry and Mary Ann Bowers, children of Alfred and Eliza), who married Joseph Simmonds (son of Thomas, innkeeper) in Midsummer Norton in 1902, Ellen and Henry jun born in Somerset about 1876-78, George and Frederick William christened jointly in Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset in 1881 (both died very young), Caroline christened in Misterton, Somerset in 1883, and John, Alfred and Michael born in Somerset about 1885-90.

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