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Thomas Hearn

Eric Trudgill    -    4 February 2017

Thomas Hearn claimed he’s been born in High Wycombe, Bucks in the 1770s. He married Frances Smith in Bovingdon, Herts in 1812, with his sister Elizabeth and her husband, Joseph Leatherland, acting as witnesses. He and Frances christened Meshach Hearn in Harpenden, Herts in 1801, Chris- topher Hearn in Acrise, Kent in 1816, and Mercy Hearn in St Leonards, Bucks in 1821, while Shad- rach Hearn at his wedding claimed to be a son of Thomas and born about 1825. To these we can add two daughters named by the gypsiologists: Charlotte, who married her cousin, Samuel Leatherland son of Joseph and Elizabeth; and Ann, whose son John claimed he’d been born in High Wycombe, like his alleged grandfather, and christened all his children in the family’s favourite churches.

I published a booklet on Thomas Hearn’s wider family some years ago, and I’m happy here to make corrections and additions on Thomas’ immediate family I’ve been given or discovered since then.

Meshach Hearn, baptised in 1801, married Alice Taylor (baptised in 1807 daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah) in Watford, Herts in 1825. They christened the following children: Abednego (sometimes Bendigo or Benjamin) in Bushey, Herts in 1826, who married Mary Ann Mancey daughter of Richard and Mary Ann, and christened eight children in either Chiswick or Kensington, Mdx 1849-70; Rosanna in St Leonards in 1829, who married Riley Lee, son of Joseph and Susanna, and christened five children in Chiswick or Kensington 1848-61, three as Hearns and two as Lees; Matilda in Wimbledon, Sry in 1832, who married Aaron Buckland son of Thomas and Damaris, and christened their children on Aaron’s patch, not her siblings’; Frances in Charlton, Kent in 1834; Susannah in Camberwell, Sry in 1837, who married Samuel Spencer and christened four children in Kensington 1861-69; Kezia Ann in W Molesey, Sry in 1840, who married first a Dickson and then her cousin, William Taylor son of Jeremiah and Augusta, in Hammersmith in 1864, and christened their three children in Kensington; Catherine in Offham, Kent in 1842; and Virgin in Chiswick in 1845, who christened a son in Kensington in 1862, father unnamed.

Charlotte Hearn, who, despite her alleged age and her husband’s at their deaths in the Hartlake disaster in 1853, I now think was Meshach’s younger, not older, sister, married Samuel Leatherland in Hawridge, Bucks in 1824. They had the following children: Joseph Leatherland, born perhaps about 1827, who married Elizabeth Protheroe, daughter of James, in Fulham, Mdx in 1857; Lavinia Leatherland, born perhaps about 1829, who married John Hearn (son of her father’s cousin, Mullender), both of them dying in 1853 with her parents and their two young daughters; Comfort and Salianna Leatherland, christened in St Leonards 1831-32, who also died in 1853; Frances Leatherland, christened in Hawridge in 1834, who married John Lovell; Charlotte Leatherland, christened in Ickenham, Mdx in 1836; Alice Leatherland, christened in Northchurch, Herts in 1837, who died in 1853; and probably Christopher Leatherland, christened in Offham in 1846 son of Samuel and Caroline, basketmaker of Chiswick.

Ann Hearn by her unknown partner had John Hearn, born about 1834, who married Maria Radband (christened in Bampton, Oxf in 1835 daughter of Hannah) in Kensington in 1860, his bride recorded as Maria Rathbone and John professing not to know the name of his father. John and Maria had a Thomas born about 1857, an Alfred John Radband christened in Kensington in 1859 (son of Maria single woman), an Ann and Mary Jane Hearn christened in Kensington 1861-63 (the latter on her birth certificate the daughter of John Hearn, chairbottomer, and Maria formerly Radband), Christopher born about 1866, James, Amadine and Edith christened in Kensington 1870-77, and John and Comfort christened in Hammersmith 1878-79.

Christopher Hearn, baptised in 1816, married Elizabeth Wells, baptised in 1816 daughter of Thomas and Ann. They christened the following children: Athalia in Putney (two years old) in 1841, who married James Lovell; Thomas in Putney in 1841, who married a Mary Ann; John Matthew in Chiswick in 1843; Frances in Acton, Mdx in 1845; Nehemiah and Henry in Chiswick 1848-49; and Ann, Mercy and Edward in Kensington 1851-58.

Mercy Hearn, baptised in 1821, married Thomas Kent in Putney in 1840, and doesn’t seem to have had any children.

And finally, Shadrach Hearn, born about 1825, married Mary Williams, born about 1831 daughter of David Williams and Urania Smith in Shepherd’s Bush, Mdx in 1862. By Mary he probably had the Golias christened in Chiswick in 1848 son of Shadrach and Sinfire, and certainly the Walter christened in Chiswick in 1849 and the James, Emmeline, Providence, Comfort and Betsy christened in Kensington 1851-65. Of these Walter married Phyllis Cooper daughter of Henry Cooper and Diana Lovell, and Betsy married David Beecham in Notting Hill, next to Kensington, in 1888.

Gypsy genealogy by its nature will always be work in progress, so I’ll be glad to hear from anyone who can help me offer in time further corrections and amplifications.

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