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Henry Gaskin

Eric Trudgill    -    5 March 2017

Henry Gaskin was baptised in Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex in 1815 [in the 1871 census he was said to have been born in Dassey, Essex] son of William and Ann, his father a travelling basket maker from Barley Hole, Kent. He was thus a younger brother of Louisa Gascoing christened in Standon, Herts in 1806, of Sarah Gaskin christened in Waltham Abbey, Essex in 1810, razor grinder, and of Solomon Gaskin christened in Gt Dunmow, Essex in 1813, tinker of Mondon [Gt Munden], Herts.

He was surely an older brother of James Gaskin, a traveller in brushes and brooms, married to an Abigail, in the 1851 census, who claimed to be 50 but was probably born about 1817. James and Abigail travelled around Colchester, Essex (having a Caroline, William and Jane christened there 1835-39, and a Sarah and James jun born there 1841-43) and then seem to have travelled mostly around Ipswich, Sfk (having a Thomas, George, Phoebe, Emily and Mark christened there 1845-62, Mark recorded as the son of James Gaskin and Abigail Lamb).

Henry married (full age, son of William Gorskin, basket maker) Ruth Lamb (daughter of Thomas, brazier) in Colchester St Leonard in 1841, Ruth presumably being Henry’s sister-in-law, a sister of Abigail. They had the following children: possibly Ann born about 1834, who married Abraham Gosling; James (his name surely honouring Henry’s brother) born about 1836, who married a Lucy, perhaps a Hedges; William born in Suffolk about 1838; Henry jun born in Ipswich about 1840; Mary born about 1842 and Walter about 1848; Alice christened in Beccles, Sfk in 1850; John born about 1854; Laura born in Harlow, Essex about 1857; and George christened in Kesgrave, Sfk in 1860 (where James and Abigail Gaskin had christened Phoebe in 1854). I’ve traced families for six of these children, William, Henry jun, Mary, Walter, Alice and John.

William Gaskin, born about 1838, married (21 son of Henry) Emma Webb (19 daughter of Thomas) in Halstead, Essex in 1858, jointly with both presumably the bride’s brother Parramos Webb and the groom’s cousin and namesake, William Gaskin son of James and Abigail (whose sister Caroline had married in Halstead in 1854). I’m guessing William and Emma had a Louisa or Susan born in Suffolk about 1860, an Emma born in Ipswich about 1862, and an Alice born about 1864 (who christened children by Albert Brown in Chigwell Row, Essex in 1889 and 1896). William and Emma certainly had a Betsy born in Essex about 1866 and Matilda born in Cambs about 1868, baptised together in Woodston, Hunts in 1868; Job born about 1870, who married first Polly Biddles in Chigwell Row in 1894 and later Eliza Hedges; Ruth born about 1872, who probably married Owen Smith son of Justinia Buckley; Sarah born about 1874; Jane born about 1876, who married Arthur Gray in 1900 with Justinia Buckley’s nephew and Jane’s sister as her witnesses; John and Seccy (?Zacky) baptised in Teston, Kent in 1878 (John married Phoebe Hedges in 1900); and Lucy born in Essex about 1881, who married Justinia Buckley’s nephew, John.

Henry Gaskin jun, born about 1840, married first (full age son of Henry) Sarah Wellings, daughter of Job, in Walthamstow St Peter, Essex in 1866, witnessed by the groom’s then brother-in-law, the famous Ambrose Thorpe. Henry jun married second, after he’d based himself around Sudbury, Sfk, Harriet Wood in 1901. He and Sarah had the following children: yet another Henry, christened in Walthamstow St Peter in 1867, who married Isabella Carter in Sudbury RD in 1898; George and Walter christened in Leytonstone St John, Essex in 1869 and 1871; Louisa christened in Fordham, Cambs in 1873 (licenced hawker of Wanstead), who married George Baldwin in Sudbury RD in 1894; Ruth and John christened in Woodston in 1875; Alice christened in Woodston in 1877; Mark born in Kenninghall, Nfk about 1879, who married Emily Finch in Sudbury RD in 1900; Polly born in Cambs about 1881, who married Walter Wicks in Sudbury RD in 1899; and Job born in Cambs about 1885, who was found in Plumstead, Kent in the 1911 census with his brother Mark and Emily.

Mary Gaskin married (20 daughter of Henry, licenced hawker), the forementioned Ambrose Thorpe (22 son of James, licenced hawker) in Halstead in 1863, witnessed by Henry Gaskin (presumably Henry jun) and Ambrose’s sister, Edingale Thorpe. They christened an Ambrose Thorpe jun in Peterborough, Northants in 1865, but Mary died soon after and Ambrose married Elizabeth Draper in 1867 before hooking up with Elizabeth’s sister Leviathan.

Walter Gaskin married (22 son of Henry, hawker), presumably a cousin given his mother’s maiden name, Alice Lamb (21 daughter of William, hawker) in Bury St Edmunds Register Office, Sfk in 1872, witnessed by William and Alice Lamb. They had the following children: Selina christened in Fordham, Cambs in 1874; Walter jun born about 1876; Alice christened in Woodston in 1877; Montague born in Ely, Cambs about 1879; Mark born in Mildenhall, Sfk about 1882; Eliza born in N Walsham, Nfk about 1884; Agnes Eliza christened in Colkirk, Nfk in 1886 (born 24/12/1885); Alfred born in Wells, Nfk about 1888; Matilda born in Burnham, Nfk about 1891; Ada born in Norwich, Nfk about 1893, and Rosina born in Halifax, Yks about 1895. Walter and family were in Headingley, Yks in the 1901 census.

Alice Gaskin married (I presume without having invested in a certificate) William Lamb, son of William, in Bury St Edmunds Register Office in 1872, and the two of them then witnessed the union of their siblings and cousins, Walter Gaskin and Alice Lamb. They had the following Lamb children: Louisa born about 1874, Eliza christened in Woodston in 1876, and Polly, William, Beatrice, Harriet, Joseph and Ruth, born mainly in Suffolk about 1878-89.

Finally, John Gaskin married (20 son of Henry, hawker) Harriet Wallser (19 daughter of Thomas, hawker) in Royston, Herts in 1873, witnessed by Mary Sarah Wallser. They had the following children: John jun born in Orford, Sfk about 1874; Benjamin born in Welney, Cambs about 1878, who married (21 son of John, traveller) Fiance Green (22 daughter of Randy, ie Render, traveller) in Norwich St Peter Per Mountegate in 1900, and christened a Sidney in Woodston in 1907; Harriet born in Higham Ferrars, Northants about 1884; and William and Sidney born in Peterborough about 1886-89.

As always I’ll be delighted to receive amplifications and corrections.

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