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Santalina Buckley

Eric Trudgill    -    5 August 2017

Santalina Buckley, son of Joiner Buckley and Sarah Smith, was born in Colchester, Essex, apparently about 1837 even though, when travelling in the 1861 census with his brother Josiah Buckley, he claimed to be eighteen years old (when marrying in Shepherd’s Bush St Stephen, Mdx in 1862 he claimed to be 24). His wife was Henrietta Boswell, born about 1842, daughter of Levi and Mary Ann and thus sister of the second wife of Santalina’s brother Frank. Henrietta at her death in 1907 was reported to have had over twenty children. This seems to have been an exaggeration, but by about 1883 she and Santalina seem to have had eleven children at least.

Between their marriage and 1868 they had Perrin, Adeline, Pentavella and Emily, all born in Shepherd’s Bush in or near the notorious slum area called The Potteries (an innocent census-taker recorded Adeline, Pentavella and Emily as having been born in Staffordshire, which was of course famous for its potteries). Perrin was christened in Chiswick Christchurch, Mdx in 1863, Pentavella in Shepherd’s Bush St Stephen in 1866 and Emily in Kensington St James Norlands, Mdx in 1868. After Emily Santalina and Henrietta seem to have had Athaliah born in Plaistow, Essex about 1870, John Edward christened in Kensington St James Norlands in 1873, like Perrin, Pendabella and Emily child of St Helena and Henrietta, Norah born about 1875, Nathan (Carnation) born about 1877, Otey born about 1879, Phoebe born about 1881 and Lily born about 1883.

Perrin Buckley, christened in 1863, married Emily Smith, daughter of Elias Taylor and widow of Walter Smith (son of Santalina’s fore-mentioned brother Josiah) in Offham, Kent in 1884. They had the following children: Santalina (sometimes Samuel like his grandfather, the first Santalina) christened in Offham in 1885, who married Lenda Buckley (daughter of Lazarus, Perrin’s cousin); Holby christened in Canning Town, Essex in 1887; Loumas John christened in N Cray, Kent in 1890; Nathan and Louisa born probably about 1892 and 1895, and christened together in Offham in 1899; and Joseph and Thomas born in Canning Town about 1897 and 1900. Of these children Santalina and Lenda had a Pentavella, Joseph, Anneretta (Henrietta) and Thomas, born 1908-14 and christened together in Eastwood, Essex in 1914; Loumas John, I suspect, as John married Menty Loveridge, and had a Perrin born in Eastwood about 1910, plus Athalia and Henrietta christened in Eastwood jointly with the four children just mentioned of John’s brother Santalina; and Nathan seems to have married a Unity and had children born too late for inclusion in this article.

Adeline Buckley, born about 1864, married Arthur Buckley/Smith (christened in 1864 son of Josiah, the first Santalina’s brother). They had the following children: Genty born in Thundersley, Essex about 1887, Emily born in Stepney, Mdx about 1889, William Smith christened in W Tilbury, Essex in 1893, Lazarus born in Plaistow about 1894, Oati born in Romford, Essex about 1895, Algar and Henry born in Chigwell, Essex about 1897 and 1899.

Pentavella Buckley, christened in 1866, married (Penderville son of Samuel) Clara Lee daughter of Horace (son of the famous Samuel and Mary Ann) in W Tilbury in 1892, but seemingly had no children. Emily Buckley, christened in 1868, married Mackenzie Harris son of William in Offham in 1886, but seemingly had no children. And Athalia Buckley, born about 1870, married (daughter of St Helena) Absalom Lee, son of David and Sarah Ann, in Plaistow in 1892, and she too seemingly had no children.

John Edward Buckley, christened in 1873, married Lucy Gaskin in the Rochford RD in 1899, and had a Cissie born in Kent about 1901, an Ethel born in 1905, and a Rodney born in 1910. Cissie married Albert Bibby son of Henry in Eastwood in 1924; Ethel married Thomas Bibby son of Henry in Eastwood in 1926; and Rodney married Annie Spencer daughter of Henry in Eastwood in 1930.

Norah Buckley, born about 1875, married (23 year old daughter of Santolina Smith) her cousin Noah Buckley (26 year old son of Noah) in Gt Ilford, Essex in 1900, and had a Finnemore born in Leigh on Sea, Essex in 1904.

Nathan (Carnation) Buckley, born about1877, married (son of Samuel) Alice Dighton, daughter of Joseph, in Rayleigh, Essex in 1899, and had a Lily christened in Orpington, Kent in 1907.

Otey Buckley, born about 1879, married (son of Samuel) Ada Webb, daughter of Thomas, in Rayleigh in 1908, and had an Ivy born about 1909, an Ocean born in Eastwood in 1911, and an Ada, Richenda, Britannia and Olive, born between 1913 and 1918 and christened together in Eastwood in 1918.

Phoebe Buckley, born about 1881, married (as Phoebe Boswell, using her mother’s surname, 20 year old daughter of Samuel) Mark Elijah Barr son of George in Chigwell Row, Essex in 1900, and had Ernest, Richenda, Nathan, Kenza, and Walter Barr, born between about 1900 and 1910.

And finally Lily Buckley, born about 1883, married (25 year old daughter of Samuel) James Smith, son of James, in Rayleigh in 1908, and had a Gladys Smith born about 1910.

I’ve been grateful, writing this article, to Terence Lee and to Bob Collins for their invaluable, ground-breaking work on the Buckleys.

For more information about Santalina’s siblings see my article on their father Joiner on this site in July last year, and for more detailed and extensive information on the whole family see the section on Old Joe Buckley in my forthcoming Family Tree book tracing major Buckland and Buckley families from the mid eighteenth century to the early twentieth (Bucklands and Buckleys were at one time indistinguishable).

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