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The Boswell patriarchs.

Eric Trudgill    -    1 January 2018

The first four of our patriarchs, it seems currently safe to say, all based themselves in the North of England. Daniel claimed in 1788 to have been born in Derbyshire, and christened his three documented children in Durham, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Richard christened a son (who claimed he’d been born in Leicestershire) down south in Buckinghamshire in 1785, but virtually all his grandchildren were christened in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and especially Nottingham- shire. John’s Viney and Anselo (the latter always Joseph in the records) both claimed to be “of” or born in Macclesfield, Chs in the North, and although Viney and his brothers Thomas and Ambrose married in Warwickshire and christened children further west, they christened at least three in Derbyshire, four in Lincolnshire, and one each in both Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, while there’s no evidence of Anselo appearing anywhere but in the North.

The other six patriarchs, it seems currently safe to say, all based themselves in the South of England (although Lawrence as an old man moved up to Derbyshire). Shadrach was baptised in Essex and christened at least five children there, plus one each in Suffolk and Middlesex. Edward buried one child in Cambridgeshire and christened two others in Essex and Northamptonshire. Lawrence married in Surrey, christened three children in Hertfordshire, two in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon- shire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, one in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, and was arrested for vagrancy as far south as Wiltshire. John christened his two confirmed children in Oxfordshire. Robert christened children in Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset, and was buried in Dorset. And Bartholomew, although he twice claimed to be “of” Mellor in North Derbyshire, and was arrested and married in Lincolnshire, wed his first wife in Oxfordshire and christened children in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Essex.

If the first four patriarchs were linked geographically by their attachment to the North, they were also linked by marriages. Daniel and Richard were surely brothers, the first christening a son Richard and marrying the second’s widow. John and Edmund were also surely brothers (Jane Eldery Boswell claimed to be a child of the cousin marriage of John’s son Anselo and Edmund’s daughter Eliza), and they may well have been sons not of an Old Jack, as Jane Eldery claimed (worryingly she couldn’t name the latter’s wife), but of Edward and Jane, parents certainly of Daniel, surely of Richard, certainly of James (baptised in Hougham, Lin in 1760, travellers) and surely of Ambrose (who married Delana Lee in 1777 in Pentrich, Dby where Daniel claimed to have been born, baptised a Lucy off-territory in Burnham, Bkm in 1779, not far from Quainton where Richard christened a son in 1785, baptised a Lizzie in Foston, Lin in 1792, next door to Hougham where Edward and Jane had christened James, and was buried in 1837 in Laneham, Ntt, on very much the territory of Richard’s children and grandchildren).

Similarly if the last six patriarchs were linked geographically by their attachment to the South, they were also linked in other ways. Shadrach was allegedly given as the father of Edward and Greenleaf’s Clark by the latter’s grandson Sampson, perhaps because Sampson muddled his paternal grandfather (Clark son of Edward) with his maternal grandfather (Tiso son of Shadrach). Lawrence’s grandson Ben married the daughter of John and Mary’s Major. Robert’s wife Mary was surely Lawrence’s sister (witnessing with him the wedding of his brother William, and giving her son by Robert in marriage to a daughter of Lawrence’s Aaron). And Bartholomew was surely the unspecified Boswell who christened a child in Thaxted, Ess in 1785, four years after Shadrach christened one in nearby Henham and six years before Lawrence christened one in Thaxted.

Connecting the six Southern Boswell patriarchs is as yet even more hazardous than connecting the four Northerners, given the paucity of eighteenth century records, but I’ve long believed you have to speculate in order to accumulate, and we won’t come to too much harm if we continually challenge the plausibility of any speculation we come up with or come across.

1 Children of the four Northern Boswell patriarchs simplified

Daniel Boswell s/o Edward & Jane b Pentrich Dby c1750 br Selston Ntt 2/3/1827 (76) 1)m allegedly c1766 Sarah Wenderick d/o John & Frances b Oxf c1750 d Nottingham Union Hospital Ntt 5/1838 (93) =Richard Boswell bp Auckland St Andrew Dur 5/3/1781 s/o Daniel see pp 6-9 x Sarah Smith Robert Boswell bp Sutton Bonington St Michael Ntt 22/6/1788 Lewis Boswell b c1792 br Eastwood Ntt 26/1/1835 (42) see p 10 x Delitha Buckland bp 1789 d/o Henry & Mary Lazarus Boswell bp Ruddington Ntt 2/7/1797 br Gamston Ntt 4/9/1797 gypsy

2)x Phyllis Blewitt =Daniel b c1802 transported to Australia 8/7/1824 Starkey Boswell bp New Sleaford Lin 17/5/1804 given 6 months gaol War 1823 Richard Boswell assumed s/o Edward & Jane x Phyllis Blewitt bp Twywell Nth 7/3/1760 d/o Percenas [Heron] & Mary =Israel Boswell b Long Whatton Lei c1781 see pp 12-15 1)x Felicia Boswell 2)x Siberani 3)x Ann Boiling Lucy Boswell b c1783 br Laxton Ntt 1/1/1852 (80) see pp 16-18 1)x Viney Boswell s/o John =Elijah Boswell bp (Lazarus) Marnham Ntt 16/6/1801 see pp 19-24 2)m John Vernon Lin 1820 Absalom Boswell bp Quainton Bkm 26/6/1785 see pp 25-28 1)x Ann Swales 2)m Mary Swales Zachariah Boswell b c1787 see p 29 m Sarah Boiling Josiah Boswell b ?c1789 see pp 30-31 x Hannah Trinity Boswell b c1791 see p 32 1)m George Boiling 2)x Anselo Boswell 3)x James Venus John Boswell possible s/o Edward & Jane x ?Mary unconfirmed in the records =Viney Boswell b ?c1780 d Weston nr Crewe Chs 6/1/1848 (91) see pp 34-48 1)x Lucy Boswell 2)m Comfort Woods Anselo (always recorded Joseph) Boswell b Macclesfield Chs c1790/1871 see pp 49-52 1)x Eliza Boswell d/o Edmund 2)x Trinity Boiling Thomas Boswell b Brk c1792/1861 see pp 53-56 1)m Patience Sherriff 2)x Temperance Lovell Ambrose Boswell see p 57 m Penny Boswell d/o Sini Boswell [Shadrach’s niece] plus allegedly Black Jack, Mary & ’Licia unconfirmed in the records Edmund Boswell possible s/o Edward & Jane x ?Eldery unconfirmed in the records =Margaret Boswell b ?c1780 see p 59-60 x Reynolds Heron s/o Richard William Boswell Peter Boswell see p 61 x Winey Eliza Boswell x Anselo Boswell s/o John see pp 49-52 2

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