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William Fletcher

Eric Trudgill    -    6 March 2012

William Fletcher was christened in Bulwick, Northants in 1774 son of William and Elizabeth, travellers belonging to Sawfoot (Salford?), Lancs. All subsequent locations will be in Northants, unless otherwise specified.

He was a brother, presumably, of the Mary Fletcher (born about 1780 according to the 1841 census in Nether Heyford) who in 1832 belatedly married Nehemiah Smith in Holdenby.In 1833 Caney Fletcher Smith married Jane Jones in Ravensthorpe; in 1834 Cain Smith “otherwise Fletcher aged 28” and Nehemiah Smith “aged 71” were imprisoned for assaulting the constable of Duston and three associates; and in 1841 Sidney Smith “son of Namiah” married Sophia Fletcher “daughter of William” in Heyford, subsequently becoming the second of Nehemiah’s offspring to name a son Cain. Sidney was as surely Caney Fletcher Smith’s brother as his bride, Sophia Fletcher, was his cousin.

William was a brother too, presumably, of the Henry Fletcher, christened in 1800 in HighamFerrers son of William and Elizabeth, travellers,who married Catherine Loveridge, daughter of Solomon and Mary, and had between 1823 and about 1842 James, Clementina, Charles, Sarah, Thomas, Dennis, Diana, Vansey and Henrietta Fletcher. I say William was presumably Henry’s brother, since their parents’ forenames were common ones, and I’ve found no other siblings for them 1774-1800 apart from Mary and the somewhat doubtful Rachel Fletcher, christened in Wilby in 1798 daughter of a William and Elizabeth not given descriptive detail.

The William baptised in 1774 married an Ann, and I’ve found christenings for the following children: Thomas in Kingsthorpe in 1794(his parents travellers of the parish of Bulwick, Carolina in Lt Houghton in 1797, George in Passenham in 1800, Damaris in Ashton in 1805, and Stephen in Lt Houghton in 1807, the parents described in each case as travellers. To these I believe we should add the John Fletcher who married Esther Hodgkinson in 1815 and was perhaps born near the beginning of 1796 allegedly in Uppingham, Rutland, the Siberetty Fletcher who married Richard Welch in 1820, the William Fletcher who married Mary Loveridge in 1834 and was perhaps born about 1810 allegedly in Holcot, and the Sophia Fletcher already mentioned who married Sidney Smith in 1841 and was perhaps born about 1812 allegedly in Paulerspury (there was a Sophia Fletcher christened in Paulerspury in 1807 daughter of a William and Elizabeth not given descriptive detail, though she looks a bit early for Sidney, and her baptism worryingly close to Stephen Fletcher’s).

I believe we should add John and SiberettyFletcher to the roster of William and Ann’s children because both married in Denton, respectively two and seven years after Thomas, son of William and Ann, married there, because John’s granddaughter, Isabella, was travelling in 1841 with Thomas’ children, Richard and Trinity, and his father, William “aged 70”, and because Thomas christened another child Ciberetty, a very unusual forename. And I think we should add William Fletcher, husband of MaryLoveridge, to the roster because he christened one daughter Sibberetta, and another Damaris, again an unusual forename, deployed by William and Ann and by their son, George; William, husband of Mary, also described himself, when christening his first two children (the oldest interestingly a Sophia) as a traveller of Bullet, which looks like a corruption of Bulwick.

Thomas Fletcher, christened in Kingsthorpe in 1794, in 1813 married Maria Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith and Mary Holland. I’ve found baptisms for the following children: the short-lived Hazy in 1815 (named after Maria’s brother), Fanny in 1816, Mary in 1818, Carolina in 1819, Ciberetty in 1822 (her father a brazier of Kingsthorpe), James in 1824, Stephen in 1827, Esther in 1831 and Trinity in 1833. The gap between James and Stephen was surely filled by the Richard Fletcher, who according to the census was born in Kingsthorpe about 1827 (in 1841 travellingwith his sister, Trinity, and grandfather, William).

Richard married Susanna Butler (christened in 1825 daughter of Joseph and Hannah), and had at least eight children, including seemingly a Carolina and a Siberetty born about 1846-50. Stephen in 1857 married Elizabeth Clayton (christened in 1834 daughter of Brington and Maria), and had at least six children (three christened in Lilbourne), including a Trinity and a William Thomas. Esther in 1848 married Eli Loveridge (christened in 1830 son of Job and Jane), and had seemingly just one child, the Enoch Loveridge who married a granddaughter of the Henry Fletcher, christened in 1800, I described earlier as presumably brother of the William christened in 1774. And Trinity in 1849 married that Enoch Loveridge’s uncle, the Enoch Loveridge christened in 1827 and buried in 1853; in 1858 she married a gorjer, George Joyce, by whom she had nine children, all but one christened in Denton.

John Fletcher, perhaps born in early 1796, in 1815 married Esther Hodgkinson. I’ve found baptisms for the following children: Samson in 1816, Isabella in 1821, Elizabeth in 1824, Matilda in 1826 and John in 1829. Samson married a Frances, possibly his cousin, Fanny Fletcher (christened in 1816 daughter of Thomas and Maria), and they had an Isabella. John junior in 1847 married Harriet Loveridge (christened in 1826 daughter of Solomon and Mary), and they had an Eliza christened in 1848.

George Fletcher, christened in Passenham in 1800, in 1822 married Teana Buckland (christened in 1785, daughter of Edward and Diana). I’ve found baptisms for only two children (perhaps, given Teana’s age, they had no others): Ritzivi in 1823, her father a tinman and brazier of Passenham, and Damaris in1827.

Siberetty Fletcher, perhaps born about 1802, in 1820 married Richard Welch, a travelling tinker born in Haddenham, Cambridgeshire about 1798. I’ve found baptisms, all as Welches, for the following children: George and Charles separately in 1822, Alice in 1825, Samuel in 1827, James in 1829, Ann in 1830, Maria in 1832, William in 1835, Susan in 1839, Richard in 1840 and Charlotte in 1844. Of these George and Ann in 1853 married respectively Rebecca Carey and Alfred Pee in a joint ceremony, each couple acting as witnesses for the other: George Welch and Rebeccahad at least ten children, eight of them christenedin or near Hertford, Herts;and Alfred Pee (christened in 1828 son of Joseph and Ann) and Ann Welch had at least nine children, one a Siberetta, all christened near Hertford. George and Ann’s brother, Charles Welch, was widowed early, and in 1855 married Sarah Odell, christened in 1828 daughter of Samuel and Ann: they had at least five children, all christened in Wesleyan Methodist chapels in or near Dunstable, Beds. The next two brothers, Samuel and James Welch, married a Sophia and a Vidance Smith respectively, and each had a Sibaretta amongst their children, Samuel’s dying at ten weeks.

Damaris Fletcher, christened in Ashton in 1805, in 1826 married Teana Buckland’s brother, Thomas, christened in Thame, Oxon in 1805. I’ve found baptisms, all as Bucklands, for the following children: Aaron in 1829, Centina in 1830, Amadine in 1831, her father of Thame, George in 1833, Edmund in 1835 and Plato in 1839. Aaron married Matilda Hearn (christened in 1832 daughter of Meshach and Alice), and had at least 12 children (including an Amadine christened in Harmondsworth, Middlesex, and a Damaris christened in nearby Harlington, like five of her siblings). Centina in 1859 married William Bryant, and had at least two children, one christened in Harmondsworth. Amadine belatedly in 1895 married Jonathan Coleman, after having had at least seven children, one christened in Harmondsworth. Edmund in 1862 married Phoebe Best, and had eleven children christened in Harmondsworth, including a Centina. To these children of Thomas and Damaris we should add the Thomas Buckland, born allegedly in Chilton, Oxon about 1837 or 1842, who in 1859 in Harlington married Elizabeth Holt (“son of Thomas” with Aaron Buckland as witness), and who had at least ten children, incuding a Damaris and a Plato, six of them christened in Harmondsworth.

Stephen Fletcher, christened in Lt Houghton in 1807, married Mabel Buckland, sister of Teana and Thomas, who was probably born about 1798. I’ve found baptisms for the following children: Edward in 1831, Mansfield in 1833 and Mirannah in 1838, her father of Bullock (ieBulwick), Northants. To these we can add the Ann found with Mabel, Mansfield and Mirannah in the 1851 census, who was, I suspect, the Leander Buckland, “daughter of Stephen Fletcher”, who in 1853 “of age” married James Stevens (christened in 1830 son of Daniel and Harriet). James and Leander had at least 16 children by 1876, twelve of them christened (as Stevenses) in Harmondsworth on the patch, as we’ve seen, of several of Leander’s cousins. Her brother, Mansfield, in 1860 married Alice Roberts (christened in 1832 daughter of Richard and Catherine), and baptised seven children first in Bucks and then in Berks by 1872. Mirannah in 1873 married JabezLansom (christened in 1837 son of Thomas and Elizabeth) with her cousin, Aaron Buckland, and his wife as witnesses: she had five children by Jabez, all christened in GtBarford, Beds, as he had been.

William Fletcher, perhaps born about 1810, in 1834 married Mary Loveridge (christened in 1817, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah). I’ve found baptisms for the following children: Sophia in 1835, Hannah in 1838, Siberetta in 1843, William in 1846 and Damaris (born seemingly about 1850) in 1857. To these we can add from the census Thomas, Lucy and Betsy, born respectively about 1848, 1852 and 1854. Sophia in 1854 married Frampton Beldam (christened in 1833 son of Thomas and Maria), and had a George christened in 1857 jointly with his aunt, Damaris. And Hannah in 1860 became the first wife of Alexander Draper, christened in 1837 son of William and Mary.

Sophia Fletcher, perhaps born about 1812, in 1841 married Sidney Smith, born about 1820, son of Nehemiah Smith and Mary Fletcher, as we saw earlier. I’ve found baptisms, all as Smiths, for the following children: Coralina in 1841, Cain and Ezekiel together in 1851, though they were born respectively about 1843 and 1845, and the short-lived Sidney junior in 1848. Of these I’ve found offspring only for Ezekiel by his wife, Maria. There’s still plenty of work to do.

I’m grateful with this article, as often, for the assistance of Josie Tombs.

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