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George Green

Eric Trudgill    -    6 May 2012

George Green was born, he claimed, in Abingdon, Berkshire about 1815: he married into two high-profile Romany families, and had six well-known Gypsy children. His first wife was Leo Buckland (born about 1816 or 1818), daughter of Lavinia (the daughter of Alabon Smith and Mary Buckland) supposedly by a showman called White but possibly by Lavinia’s principal, perhaps only, husband, Dimiti Buckland, son of Mary’s brother, Barrington. George and Leo had three children, Fairnetty (baptised in Grove, Berks in 1836), Henry (baptised in Appleton, Berks in 1838, travelling man), and Emily (baptised in Grove in 1840,chairmender of Abingdon). George’s second wife was ElizaLovell/Smith (christened in 1807), the daughter of Major Lovell (son of Major and Susanna) and Agrippina/GripySmith (daughter of Jonas and Constance), who, until George eloped with her, had been married to Alabon Smith’s son, Arkles. George and Eliza also had three children, Adolphus (baptised in Goring Heath, Oxon, in 1845, gypsy travellers), Surrenda (baptised in Uffington, Berks in 1847, vagrant), and George (baptised in Buckland, Berks in 1853, traveller of Ramsbury).

Fairnetty Green married John Buckland (baptised in 1829), son of Absolom Buckland (the son of Ravishing Billy) and Eleanor Smith (the daughter of Jonas and Constance), and had at least ten Buckland children. William, born in Oxfordshire about 1854, married Madona Buckland (christened in 1861), daughter of Mantus and Susan, and had between 1878 and 1900 a Sentilena, Archibald, Bella, Herbert, Susan Edith, William, Albert and Lulu. Henry, baptised in Asthall, Oxon in 1856, and Joshua, baptised in Warndon,Glos in 1858, seem to have never married, like perhaps Emily, born in Lydiard, Wilts about 1860, and Sarah, born in Bristol,Glos about 1877. But Surrenda, born in Cricklade, Wilts in 1868, married his cousin,Anselina Green daughter of Henry. And Gentilla, Cinderella, Adolphus (Stinki), and Rosina Margaret, christened in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1863, 1865, 1871 and 1878 respectively, married respectively George Williams in Bristol St Matthias in 1884, Thomas Rose in Trowbridge Registration District in 1886, Genti Coode (perhaps informally), andGeorge Lovering in Bristol in 1903.

Henry Green had allegedly a brief liaison with Rosetta Buckland, granddaughter of Dimiti and Lavinia, a legal marriage in Stratton, Wilts in 1859 with Emma Phelps, daughter of Benjamin Phelps and Neptune Smith’s daughter, Charlotte, and a decade later an informal Gypsy marriage with Sabina Buckland (christened in 1846), sister of Madona. By Emma Henry had the following children: Tryphena, baptised in Ashbury, Berks in 1860; Matthias (named after Emma’s brother), baptised and buried in Whitchurch, Hants in 1861; Selina, born about 1862; Benjamin, baptised in Bristol St George in 1865; Elderia, born in Bristol about 1867; and Lawrence, born in Gloucester County Gaol in 1870. By Sabina Henry had the following children: Anselina, baptised in Malvern Link,Worcs in 1871, who marriedSurrenda Buckland son of John and Fairnetty; Richenda, born in Bristol about1873, who married in Bristol in 1893; Albert, baptised inIlmington,Wks in 1874, who married in Bristol in 1908 Matilda Buckland, daughter of Jabez (grandson of Dimiti and Lavinia); Annie, born in Barrowden, Rutland about 1877, who married Henry Forest, son of Luke and Amy; Ada, born in Birmingham,Wks about 1879; Drusilla, born about 1881 and baptised in Bromsgrove,Worcs in 1883, who married Matthew Forest, son of Luke and Amy; Edith, baptised with Drusilla in 1883; and Nelson, born in Worcestershire about 1887, who died presumably in Stroud Registration District in 1897 aged nine.

Emily Green married her brother-in-law, James Buckland (christened in1837), son of Absolom and Eleanor. They had something like the following Buckland children (whose forenames and birth-dates in the census are confusingly changeable). Leah Ann was baptised in Chiseldon, Wilts in 1859. Morella was born allegedlyin Leicestershire about 1863 and baptised in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1878. Rudolphus was baptised in that church in 1865, and died shortly after. William was born in Droitwich,Worcs about 1867, and married Alice Simmons in Warwick, Wks in 1902. Sinfie was born in Worcester about 1870, and as Eva Buckland married Dennis Loveridge (baptised in 1876 son of Lewis and Esther) in Warwick in 1895. Laura Ellen, if we can rely on an untested internet citation, was baptised in Bedminster, Somerset in 1876, Susan was born in Kenilworth, Wks about 1878, and Mary Ann in Bristol about 1880. The twins, Mabel Daisy and Fannetta Violet, were baptised in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1883, the latter marrying Henry Sully in Knowle, Wksin 1908. And Herbert (sometimes Hubert) Peter was baptised in St Philip and St Jacob in 1888, and died, I think, in 1922, twelve years after his father and seven years before his mother, like them in the Solihull Registration District.

Adolphus Green married Teana Smith (christened in 1844), daughter of Jubal (the son of Agrippina by Johnny Ancorn Smith) in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1867. They had the following children: Lydia (Melinda), baptised in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1871; Sophia, baptised in Worcester St Clement in 1874; John, Ellen and Jubal, born respectively in 1876, 1879 and 1881, and baptised jointly in Bristol St Philip and St Jacob in 1882, and Arthur, born in Worcester about 1884. Of these Sophia married Albert Odam son of Christopher, a hawker, in Haverstock Hill,Mdx in 1898; John married Charlotte Hobbis in Willesden,Mdx in 1904; Ellen married Walter Samuel Roe in Haverstock Hill in 1902; and Jubal married Gertrude Helena Robinson in Kensington,Mdx in 1903.

Surrenda Green married Mary Smith daughter of John Smith (son of Wisdom Smith and Elizabeth Gentle) and Ann Loveridge. They had the following children: Fiance, born in Coventry,Wks about 1874, who married Benjamin Gaskin in Norwich, Norfolk in 1900; Clara, born in Rugby,Wks about 1876, who married Benjamin Squires in the Market Bosworth Registration District in 1897; Louisa, born in Lincolnshire about 1881; Surrender, born about 1883, who married Esmeralda, daughter of George Amer and Unity Lovell; Clementine, baptised in Coventry St Michael in 1886; Ernest, born in Lincolnshire about 1887; Lucy, born in Melton Mowbray,Leics about 1889; Mary, born in Derbyshire about 1891; George, born about 1893; and John, born in Crowle,Lincs about 1895.

George Green junior married Ocean Buckland (christened in 1855), sister of Madona, and had the following children: Polly, born in Barford, Oxon about 1871; Emily, born in Worcesterabout 1879; Edward, born in Evesham,Worcs about 1881; Zamla, baptised in Sutton underBrailes,Wks in 1883; Walter, born in Worcester about 1887, who married Charlotte Buckland, daughter of Noah and Eliza; and finally Kate, born in Charlton Kings,Glos about 1897. Walter’s father-in-law, Noah Buckland, was a great grandson of Dimiti and Lavinia, with whom we started, which illustrates, like much of the material in this article, how much this family, like other Romany families, stayed in touch even when they’d spread themselves far and wide.

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