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Samuel Lee

Eric Trudgill    -    4 August 2012

Samuel Lee was christened in Enborne, Berks in 1766 son of John and Phillis (“gypsies”), and was the father by Hannah of Robert and Clevansy, baptised jointly in Essendon, Herts in 1792 (Clevansy was said to be 52 when she died in 1844), of Richard, baptised in Stanwell, Middlesex in 1794 (“gypsies”), and of Elijah William, baptised in Bredon, Worcs in 1815 (“horsedealer of Enbourne, Berks”). To these we can add the Thomas Lee, also “of Enbourne, Berks”, who christened a Richard William in 1815 jointly with Samuel’s Elijah William, and the Sampson Lee, born in Gloucestershire about 1809-13, who christened a child jointly with Elijah, was travelling in the 1861 census with him, seems to have married five of his children to Elijah’s, and was given as his brother by the pioneer gypsiologists.

The latter gave as another brother a Joseph Lee who married a Mary and then an Elvira Burton, and as another sister a Laura who married a John Lee, and though the gypsiologists also claimed, wrongly, that Samuel’s Richard was a brother of Righteous Lee son of John and Mary, and though I’ve not been able to trace Joseph or Laura in the records, Richard (recorded as a Leigh) was travelling in the 1841 census with a John Leigh aged 35 (father of a James, John and Elizabeth, born about 1835-39), who looks like Richard’s brother or brother-in-law. Thomas was probably the oldest of Samuel’s children (none of his siblings seems to have christened a child earlier than his in 1815, and though Clevansy did christen one jointly with him and Samuel in 1815, girls normally married younger than their brothers). So, with only John and Sampson in the eleven year gap between Richard and Elijah, we can expect some time to find two or three more children for Samuel and Hannah.

Thomas Lee, son of Samuel, married an Oshenny/Oceana, and followed their son,baptised in Bredonin 1815, with two daughters,Elrifa (presumably Eldorifa or Elifa) baptised in Condover, Shrops in 1818, and Eurenia baptised in Hartpury, Glos in 1823. I’ve traced no marriages for these children.

Robert Lee, son of Samuel, married Xantippe Smith (baptised in 1795 daughter of William and Charlotte), and had a Susan christened in Charlecote, Warwicks in 1822, Trinette christened in Wistanstow, Shrops in 1824 (Robert a “tinman of Enbourne, Berks”),Edingale and Richard christened jointly in Westbury, Shrops in 1831 (children of Robert and Exemphany), Rhoda christened in Church Preen, Shrops in 1833 (daughter of Robert and Accentipe “travelling gypsies”), and Samson William christened in Almeley, Herefordshire in 1839. The only plausible marriage I’ve traced here is for Richard junior and a Mary: in the 1881 census a Richard Lee, claiming birth in Minsterley, Shrops (very close to Westbury), is with his wife Mary, daughter Ann, granddaughter Christmas (the unusual name given earlier by Elijah Lee to one of his daughters), and what looks like Ann’s husband, Henry Price.

Clevansy Lee, daughter of Samuel, married William Riley Scamp, christened in 1793 son of Joshua, and had Cyphorella Kemp baptised in Bredon in 1815, Hannah Scamp baptised in Hasfield, Glos in 1819, Thomas Scamp baptised in Clevedon, Somerset in 1821, Sarah baptised in Chew Magna, Somerset in 1823, and Samson born in Merthyr, Glamorgan perhaps about 1827. Cyphorella seems to have married a Williams (unless when registering a child, she was using the surname of her grandmother, Hannah wife of Samuel Lee), and then Nathaniel Lovell son of Durant, having by the latter between 1843 and about 1855 (all Lovells) an Eldria, Israel, Delia and Timothy/Moti/Charley. Sarah became a co-wife with her sister of Nathaniel Lovell, and had between 1847 and about 1867 (all Lovells) a Uriah, John, Seth, Louisa, Jane, Adolphus, Noah, Robert and Edwin. And Samson married a Pianna (probably the daughter of Thomas and Dambretty Boswell), and had between about 1845 and 1856 (all Scamps) a Caroline, Sylvester, Selina, Elofia and John.

Richard Lee, son of Samuel, married Rhoda Draper, baptised in Amersham, Bucks in 1798 daughter of Righteous and Rachel (Rhoda was Mary in the 1841 census, Ann born in Hammersome, Bucks in 1871, and Mary again but born in Beaconsfield, Bucks in 1881). They had the following children: a Josiah William christened in Kempley, Glos in 1817 and then in Sarnesfield, Herefordshire in 1819 jointly with his newborn brother, Frampton; Rachel and Miriana, christened jointly in Stockton, Shrops in 1824; Delarifa christened in Westbury, Shrops in 1826; Sampson christened in Alberley, Shrops in 1828 and buried in Pulverbatch, Shropsin 1829; another Sampson christened in Upton Magna, Shrops in 1832, Adelaide in Church Preen, Shrops in 1833,Juliannain Llandefalle, Brecons in 1836,Urania in Montford, Shrops in 1838, and Albert in Eaton Bishop, Herefordshire in 1841; and Mary born in Shropshire about 1843. Of these children either Julianna or Urania was still unmarried in 1871, and Miriana, Delarifa and Mary were still unmarried in 1881. But Josiah at least married a Jemima and had 1841-64 a Minderena, Rebecca, Jane, Robert, Mary Ann, Phoenix (christened as son of Richard and Rhoda!), Oliver, Thomas, Matilda, and Louisa; whilst Albert married a Caroline and had from about 1863 to 1879 an Albert junior, Emma, Ernest, Robert and Orlando. Josiah’s sons seem not to have married, but of the daughters Minderena (otherwise Metraina or Minnie) married Noah Burton son of Jerry, Mary Ann allegedly married Ithel Lee son of Henry, and Matilda married her cousin, Albert Lee son of Albert.

Sampson Lee, son of Samuel, married Eldorifa Buckland (baptised in 1816 daughter of Edward Buckland and Lucy Boswell) in Coventry, Warwicks in 1834. They had the following children: Shandres,christened in Kidderminster, Worcs in 1837; Zubi, christened in Elmley Castle, Worcs in 1839; Elifa/Elofia, born about 1841(though she claimed to be 56 when she died in 1909); Job, christened in Cradley, Herefordshire in1844; Maganus, christened in Church Preen, Shropshire in 1845; Graveleni, Charles and Perun, born respectively about 1847, 1849 and 1851; Madona, christened in Bloxwich, Staffs in 1853; Isaiah, born about 1855; Elvira Diana,christened in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire in 1858, and possibly Seth, born about 1861. A few years after marrying Eldorifa Sampson took as his co-wife her cousin, Susan Boswell (baptised in 1814 daughter of Moses and Sarah): they had a Louisa about 1842 (unless she was Susan’s child by a previous marriage), and Esther Barnes Lees, christened in Cardington, Shrops in 1848 (jointly with a daughter of Elijah Lee), who in 1872 married her cousin, Seth Boswell, baptised in 1828 son of Sam and Tieni.

Of Sampson’s children Zubi married Edwin Evans, and had from about 1866 to 1872(all Evans) a Urania,Argainus later Morris, Daniel, and Delinda (who married respectively John Malyn, Mary Ann Ridout, Catherine Boswell and Thomas Tracy); Elifa married John Lee son of Elijah, and had from about 1864 to 1875 a Shandres, Emily, Sarah, Elifa, and Theresa; Maganus by Delia Lee daughter of Elijah had from about 1867 to 1879 a Rosanna, Martha Jane, John, Caleb, Amelia, Morgan and Phoenix; Graveleni by Samson Lee son of Elijah had from about 1865 to 1880 an Agnes, Isabella, Delia (who married Duncan Muir),Perun(who married Darkless Price daughter of Caradog and Emily in 1899), Honora, Elvira, and Rebecca; Perun by Christmas Lee daughter of Elijah had from about 1873 to 1881 a Melvinia, Selina, Ernest, and twins Rudolphus and Trainety, plus by what may have been another wife, Mary, from about 1887 to 1897 an Angelina, Nelson, Lenda, Jeralina and Walter; Madona by Caleb Heron son of Edmund and Jemima had from about 1874 to about 1892 an Edmund, Maganus, Reynolds, Ethelinda, Caleb, Louis, Evergreen and Aylwin; and Elvira by Manful Heron son of Edmund and Jemima had from about 1883 to 1887 a Caleb and Elvira.

Elijah Lee, son of Samuel, married the sister of his brother Sampson’s wife, Rosanna Buckland, baptised in 1822 (he and Rosanna were travelling with Sampson and Eldorifa in the 1861 census, but calling themselves for some reason John and Mary Hancorn, using the alternate surname of Rosanna’s brother-in-law, Alfred Smith). They had the following children: John, christened in Bishampton, Worcs in 1839 (“of Bredon”), who married his cousin, Elifa (see above); Samson William, born about 1841, who married his cousin, Graveleni (see above); Jemima, christened in Dilwyn, Herefordshire in 1844; Sophia, born about 1846, who married her cousin Job; Jane, christened in Cardington, Shrops in 1848; Christmas, christened in Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire in 1852, who married her cousin, Perun (see above); Delia, born about 1854, who married first her cousin, Maganus (see above), and then Crimea (Nooks) Heron son of Alfred and Rebecca; Melvinia/Millie, born about 1856, who married Crimea’s brother, Moses Heron; Walter, born about 1858; Thomas, born about 1860, who in 1901 married Lydia Jones daughter of Tom and Harriet; Silas, born about 1862, who in 1884 married Carolina Broadway daughter of Robert; William perhaps born about 1864; and Llewellyn perhaps born about 1866, who allegedly married Martha Jane Lee daughter of Maganus.

Of Elijah’s children with spouses who weren’t cousins Delia by Crimea Heronhad from about 1882 to 1899 a Julia, Beatrice, Sequa, Thomas, Oscar, Josiah and Jane; Melvinia by Moses Heron had from about 1879 to 1898 a Sarah, Rachel, George, Christopher, Omega and Jonas; and Thomas by Lydia Jones had from about 1901 to 1910 an Esther, Milgin, Angelina, Albert and Grainsey. With Elijah’s children and grandchildren, as with Sampson’s, the gypsiologists gave more names than I’ve given: I’ve included in both cases only names I’ve validated in the records.

I’m grateful to Gloria and Sian Roderick for the excellent work they’ve done on the families of Edwin and Zubi Evans and Perrin and Graveleni Lee.

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