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John Warton

Eric Trudgill    -    3 December 2012

John and FaneyWarton seem to have had seven children between roughly 1795 and 1811. I’ve so far found baptisms for five of them: four in the S West, in Dorset(Gilderoy in 1799, Elesher and Meshach jointly in 1805, the former two years old,Louisa in 1808); and one a little to the east, in Hants (Matilda in 1811, who claimed in the census, like Gilderoy, to have been born in W Knighton, Dorset). Of these Gilderoy married Mary Christmas Lee, possibly a daughter of Righteous Lee (see my article August 2011), and christened children in Somerset and the N West before basing himself in the N East; Meshach married Merelli Boswell (baptised in Hants in 1804 daughter of Edward Boswell and Phyllis Lee), and also christened children in the N West before basing himself in the N East; Louisa married Thomas Lee son of Righteous and Penelope, and christened her children in the N East from the very beginning; and Matilda married William Lee (baptised in Wilts in 1809 son of Righteous and Penelope), and christened one child in the N West before basing herself in the S West, in Somerset, Devon and finally Cornwall.

To these five I think we can add the John Warton, born probably about 1795, whose children by a Carnation included a Gilderoy christened in Dorset and others christened later in the N West and N East (the first Gilderoy and Matilda both named a daughter Carnation seemingly after John’s wife). And I think we can also add the Harriet Warton, born about 1797, who married Owen Stanley (perhaps her cousin, since Faney, short for Diaphaney, seems to have been a name peculiar to the Stanleys), and who christened at least two children in Dorset, three in Somerset, and another in Devon.

John Warton, presumed son of John and Faney, was born probably about 1795. He had by Carnation, I believe, at least six sons: Uriah born about 1816, Gilderoy christened in Thorncombe, Dorset in 1818 (brazier of Knighton), John junior born about 1820, Elijah born about 1822 or a little later, Samuel christened in Gillingnr Hemsley, Yorks in 1830,and Simon christened in Over, Cheshire in 1832 and buried inPateley Bridge, Yorks in 1843 “aged 10” (sincea Carnation Warton was sentenced in Cheshire in 1833 to seven years transportation for larceny, Simon may have been the last of John’s children). Of these six sons Uriah married a Bathsheba and then (aged 32 son of John) Mary Unsworth in Warrington, Lancs in 1849, John junior married a Temperance, and Elijah married a Charity (probably the daughter of Righteous and Penelope Lee christened in 1822). All three of these sons emigrated to the US in the 1850s, John junior’s Elijah (christened in Castleford, Yks in 1841) marrying there the English-born Delenda Stewart, daughter of William and Rebecca, Uriah’s Carnation by his first wife marrying a Thomas Boswell, and his Elijah and Dinah by his second marrying the English-born Phoebe Holliday in 1884 and Henry Lee in 1881, and Elijah and Charity’s John and Uriah (birth-registered in Massachusetts in 1856) marrying respectively an English-born Elvira and Elizabeth.

Harriet Warton, presumed daughter of John and Faney, was born probably about 1797 (her husband claimed to be 28 when imprisoned for vagrancy in Dorset in 1824), and emigrated to the US with her family soon after the three Warton brothers. Owen and Harriet christened, as Stanleys, Owen junior in Wayford, Somerset in 1816; Joan in Winterbourne St Martin, Dorset in 1822; Mercy in Broadwinsor, Dorset in 1824, Benjamin in Charlton Mackrell, Somerset in 1826 (his 1906 US death certificate gave his parents as Owen Stanley and Harriet Warton); Lavinia in Weston Zoyland, Somerset in 1828 (her father of Reading, Berks); and Algenny in Burlescombe, Devon in 1841. To these we can add Levi Stanley, husband of Matilda Joles, who named Owen and Harriet as his parents and claimed he’d been born in 1818 (in Reading, Berks), and allegedly we can add an Edward, Elizabeth and Charlotte.

GilderoyWarton, baptised in Melcombe Horsey, Dorset in 1799, died in Durham in 1882. He and Mary Christmas had the following children: possibly the Isaiah who buried a 17 month old Christmas Warton in N Yorks in August 1843, with a Carnation Warton present at the death; certainly Johnson, christened in Monksilver, Somerset in 1822 (son of Guilderoi and Christmas), who married Alice Mullen; Carnation/Mary, born in Somerset about 1824, who married her cousin, Righteous Lee son of Thomas and Louisa, and had a Mary Christmas; Louisa, christened in Tattenhall, Cheshire in 1826, who seems to have married a John Lee, perhaps briefly; Oliver, christened in Tattenhall in 1827, who married his cousin, Matilda Lee daughter of Thomas and Louisa, and had a Mary Christmas; Spizeanne/Anne, christened in Welbury, Yorks in 1829 (jointly with Matilda Lee daughter of Thomas and Louisa), who married George Pattison; Uriah, born in Yorkshire about 1831, who married an Isabella (possibly a daughter of Big Frank Heron); Mary and Jane, born in Durham about 1833 and Yorkshire about 1835; Stephen, born in Northumberland about 1839, who married a Margery; and Bathsheba, born in W Tanfield, Yorks in 1841 daughter of Gilderoy and Mary, formerly Lee.

ElesherWarton, born in July 1803 and baptised in Gussage St Michael, Dorset in 1805, I haven’t been able to trace.

Meshach Warton, baptised in Gussage St Michael in 1805, and Merelli had the following children: Harriet Ann, christened in Liverpool St Anthony in 1831; Elizabeth, born in Liverpool about 1833 or perhaps later; Naomi, born in Flintshire about 1835; Christmas, born in Yorkshire about 1837; Morilla, christened in Whitley, Cumberland in 1840; Gilderoy, born in Yorkshire about 1841; and Johnson, born in Hensingham, Cumberland in 1844 son of Meshach and Mary, formerly Boswell.

Louisa Warton, baptised in Sydling St Nicholas Dorset in 1808 (daughter of John and Fanny gypsy), and Thomas Lee had the following Lee children: Matilda, christened in Welbury, Yorks in 1829 (jointly with SpizeanneWarton daughter of Gilderoy), who married Oliver Warton; Thomas, born about 1830; Righteous/Richard, christened in Seaton Ross, Yorks in 1832, who married Carnation Warton, and had an Oliver and short-lived twins, Mary Christmas and Abraham Righteous; Eve, christened in Embleton, Northumberland in 1836; Owen, born about 1837, who allegedly married a Susan or Bridget O’Neill; Charity, christened in Wolviston, Durham in 1839; Isaiah (Wiggi), christened in Kirkby Overblow, Yorks in 1841, who married a Dinah; a daughter represented in the census by a P, born about 1842; Rhoda, born about 1844, who married James Morrison in 1861; a son represented in the census by an M, born about 1846; and Abraham, born in Northumberland about 1848, who married his niece, Anne Lee daughter of Righteous and Carnation.

Matilda Warton, baptised in Brockenhurst, Hants in 1811 (daughter of John and Frances travellers), and William Lee had the following Lee children: Gilderoy, christened in Church Minshull, Cheshire in 1831, who married Silvina Ford in Abergavenny, Monmouth in1861and had a very interesting family of Welsh Lees; Lavinia, born in Somerset about 1835; Samson, born in Devon perhaps about 1839; William junior, born perhaps about 1842; Robert, christened jointly with William junior in Lanreath, Cornwall in 1848; and Carnation, christened in St Breward, Cornwall in 1851. Of these William junior married Elizabeth Andrew in 1882; Robert married first Harriet Smith and then a Mary; and Carnation married, I think, John Carn.

There’s a lot of work to be done yet on all these Wartons, especially the American Wartons (despite some brilliant discoveries by Josie Tombs I still have only four children for John and Temperance, four for Uriah and Mary, and three for Elijah and Charity),and as always I’d be grateful for any additions and corrections anyone can offer.

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